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color TV set. In addition, you can usually count on the machine having a reasonably fast processor and a fair amount of RAM. Although there are variations, most PCs are more powerful computers than the console machines available at the same time. Another important technical advantage that PC games have over home console games is that they can be updated or patched. Since the game resides on the hard drive, it s easy for the player to download bug fixes and add-on modules over the Internet. The hard disk also means that the game program can actually be larger than the available memory on the machine: segments of it can be swapped in and out at high speed. From a creative standpoint, the greatest benefit of the personal computer is that anyone can write a game for it. On the PC, you don t have to obtain the approval of the machine s manufacturer. PC developers are free to explore themes and subject matter that a console manufacturer would never allow. The great Achilles heel of personal computers, as far as game developers are concerned, is that they don t have a standard set of features. Games written for personal computers have to run on processors of different speeds, with varying amounts of RAM and varying video resolutions. Ever since the 3-D hardware accelerator was introduced, more and more games have taken advantage of this useful piece of equipment, but they, too, vary considerably in speed and power. Even with Direct X, the standard hardware interface provided by Microsoft Windows, it s not uncommon for a game to break down with a given piece of hardware. The manufacturer s drivers can be buggy, or the game can be trying to do something that that particular card doesn t do very well. Because the Macintosh s hardware and operating system are both designed by the same company, it doesn t have this problem as often. Unfortunately, the Mac is nowhere near as big a market for games as the PC. Both PC games and home console games are generally sold in retail stores to the end user. That means that marketing and distributing them is fairly similar, but the games themselves tend to be somewhat different because of the different features of the machines. The following table shows a comparison:
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Includes the cost of the network components, their installation, and their ongoing maintenance. Includes the protection of the network components and the data they contain and/or the data transmitted between them. Includes how fast data is transmitted between network end points (the data rate). Describes the physical cabling layout and the logical way data moves between components. Defines how well the network can adapt to new growth, including new users, applications, and network components.
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is illegal because A does not inherit B.
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Security Issues and Guidelines
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Namespaces and Other Advanced Topics
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In the preceding example, a regular expression class map includes two regular expressions: abc1.com and abc2.com . I ll assume that these are my company domain names. Following this is a layer 7 class map (L7_HTTP_class) for HTTP that is looking for all of the following: In either a request or a response, a content type mismatch in a request or a response message (like a tag that says <IMG> but the file referenced doesn t end in an extension associated with a picture/image). A request body length is greater than 1,000 bytes. A URI part of the request doesn t contain the two regular expressions.
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C AUTION By default, when you create a new folder, members of the group Everyone are assigned
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Scenario 1
Figure 31-5 shows a hypothetical configuration. Note that there are two proxy functions. One is a proxy for the internal Web server bigger server, and the other is a proxy for cust Web. At this point, our options begin to expand (read get complex ). Whereas, the proxy could simply map request from the surfer to the server, it could also require that the surfer has an account on the proxy and log in to see a particular server. We can take this to whatever extreme satisfies our paranoia. For example, we could issue account IDs and passwords to our customers. First, they must log into the proxy. Then they must log into cust Web to see their specific information. (If we were paranoid, we could make them log into the firewall first.) We would only let our remote offices see the Web pages on bigger server and they must log into the proxy first. This is another safeguard against hackers mucking with our Web page.
the reference to val returned by f( ) is used to assign the value of val to newval. The most interesting line in the program is shown here:
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