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Application processing often results in the creation of reports that are sent to authorized personnel in paper or electronic form. Often these reports will contain sensitive information, which requires that the reports be safeguarded at all times in any form. Forms that are printed and later delivered may need to be placed in tamper-proof or tamper-evident envelopes. Forms that remain in electronic form may need to be encrypted or password protected. Reports that are transmitted over public networks need to be encrypted. If recipients send electronic reports to printers, special safeguards may be required so that sensitive data is not left on printers for others to view.
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Figure 18-4: Typical microwave point-to-point services of the past Table 18-5: Typical microwave distances, bands, and operations Frequency Band 2 6 GHz 10 12 GHz 18 GHz 23 GHz 25 GHz and above Distances 30 miles 20 miles 7 miles 5 miles 3 5 miles Use Commercial, utility, fixed operation, TV Commercial, utility, fixed operation, TV, DBS Business, limited fixed operation Business, limited fixed operation Business, bypass operation
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Exploring the System Namespace
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The prototype for hypot( ) is in <math.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C89/C++ standard. The hypot( ) function returns the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle given the lengths of the other two sides. hypotl( ) is the long double version of this function.
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After you download images to your computer and view the thumbnails in the Organizer, you ll see some that are obvious candidates for deletion. You can easily delete one or more files from the Organizer.
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A parameter is a variable defined by a function that receives an argument.
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Based on these six steps, you should be able to figure out whether your address is a host, network, or broadcast address. Note that these six steps are somewhat similar to the six steps used in the IP Address Planning section. However, the steps in this section are for CCNA test purposes and the steps in the previous section are for design purposes.
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2002 100
Heavy User Profile Results
An important aspect is to prepare a deck condition report. A description of the core results shall accompany the deck condition survey report. The following summary of information is required prior to determining the type of rehabilitation: 1. Concrete strength Use concrete coring and testing, and Windsor probe results, if permitted. 2. Extent of concrete spalls, in percentage of deck area. 3. Type of deck steel (black versus coated reinforcement bar) concrete cover over the top rebar mat. 4. Salt content in top 1 inch and in the last 1 inch of concrete immediately above the top mat of reinforcing bars. 5. Age of the deck. 6. Air content The lower the air content, the more important other deck quality factors become. 7. Extent of delamination in percentage of deck area and/or traveled lanes. 8. Half-cell electric potential or other methods of determining active corrosion. 9. Type and location of major cracking indicating superstructure exibility problems.
Because the security appliances use the same operating system, the configuration of Cisco s ASAs and PIXs is simplified. You have a choice of three methods to configure your security appliance:
7. What is an abstract class 8. How do you prevent a class from being inherited 9. Explain how inheritance, method overriding, and abstract classes are used to support
Using run-time type identification, you can determine the type of an object during program execution. To obtain an object s type, use typeid. You must include the header <typeinfo> in order to use typeid. Its general form is shown here. typeid(object) Here, object is the object whose type you will be obtaining. typeid returns a reference to an object of type type_info that describes the type of object defined by object. The type_info class defines the following public members:
Figure 4-8 Fiber cross sections
If you apply high levels of sharpening to an image and then save it as a JPEG file with low quality, artifacts may appear.
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