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The attribute Conditional is perhaps C# s most interesting built-in attribute. It allows you to create conditional methods. A conditional method is invoked only when a specific symbol has been defined via #define. Otherwise, the method is bypassed. Thus, a conditional method offers an alternative to conditional compilation using #if. Conditional is another name for System.Diagnostics.ConditionalAttribute. To use the Conditional attribute, you must include the System.Diagnostics namespace.
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4. Pull the speaker wire coming from the amplifier through the back of the gang box. (This assumes you ve already wired a room with audio cabling. If not, flip back to 13 for more information about connecting audio cabling to your zones). 5. Use a piece of masking tape to mark this wiring as Input. Jot down the color scheme you re using for the left channel and right channel, positive and negative leads. 6. If you are using a home-run wiring scheme, each room s cabling should run back to the A/V cabinet.
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Editing Objects
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j IEC 60958-4: Digital audio interface - Part 4: 2000 - Professional applications j AES3-1992: AES Recommended practice for digital audio engineering - Serial trans-mis-
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Inter-VLAN Connection Problems
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With the Interactive Drop Shadow Tool and the options available on the Property Bar when this is the active tool, you can create both shadows and glows, based on the shape of the target object (or group of objects). Although this section walks you through several variations, basically you have three different types of effects at hand when you use the Drop Shadow Tool, as shown in Figure 23-7.
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Obtaining a Type s Constructors
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Solution: Again, use an implicit derivative format.
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When implementing stateful failover, the following information is transferred across the stateful link from the active to the standby unit: xlate table, conn table, VPN sessions (only in active/standby failover), MAC address table (when running in transparent mode), SIP signaling information, and the current date and time. As you can see, generate data matrix
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Creating Your Own Font
The C# Language
Developer s challenge What if events don t allow work to be done in a way that guarantees no errors Developer s follow-on response If the One says, Circumstances always allow for error-free work, give an example of when good enough was good enough, and perfect but late would have been a mistake. Then let the One respond.
Home LAN
GFCI Breakers GFCI breakers must meet the same requirements as circuit breakers of the same rating. They may be used to protect individual branch circuits, or they may protect a group of associated circuits. Like other circuit breakers, they are permitted to interrupt only the ungrounded conductor, provided the system is polarized and has a polarity indicator, the system has an isolation or polarization transformer, or the system is 120/240 VAC. GFCI Receptacles GFCI receptacle devices must be two-pole and meet all of the requirements of standards UL 943 and UL 498. They may protect either a single receptacle or multiple receptacles in the same circuit.
Halogen cabin lamps are great for reading, but not very romantic for dining. Furthermore, dimming your cabin lights will save on battery power. The heart of this circuit is the integrated circuit 555 timer. The 555 runs as a multivibrator (digital oscillator) with its frequency determined by R1, R2, R3, and C1. Pin 3 of the 555 controls the gate of the MOSFET, Q, which supplies current to the cabin lamps in the form of square waves of modulated width. The percentage of normal voltage supplying the lamps is equivalent to the percentage-on time of the pulses, which is controlled by adjusting trimpot R2. This effective voltage across the lamps can be varied from about 4.5 to 11.0 VDC. The dimmer circuit is switched in and out of the circuit by switch SW. Individual cabin lights can still be switched on and off with their own switches. Since the life of the very expensive halogen lamps is extended markedly by reduction in supply voltage, you might consider leaving the dimmer circuit on all the time, set at the minimum power level required for the task at hand. If the circuit load is more than 5 watts, check the operating temperature of the 555. If too hot to touch, attach a heat sink to the integrated circuit.
Because the xed horizontal orientation is the most practical on a non-stationary platform, solar-availability tables and maps often show total radiation on a horizontal surface. Figure 11.8 contains such seasonal maps. Table 11.2 lists, for selected locations, more precise values of average daily solar radiation falling on horizontal surfaces during: the sunniest month (Highest Month) the least sunny month (Lowest Month) the entire year (Annual Average) The values are in equivalent hours of full sunlight, where full sunlight is de ned as 1,000 watts/meter2. These values allow easy estimation of solar panel performance: the average daily output is simply the panel rating in watts times the equivalent hours of full sunlight. Example 1 always in a sunny location: How many kilowatt-hours of output can you expect over an entire year from a horizontally mounted, 60-watt panel in Miami, FL In Table 11.2 we nd for Miami an annual average gure of 5.62. Thus we can expect a 60-watt panel to produce an average of 60 watts 5.62 hours = 337 watt-hours per day. Over the entire year, we would expect 365 337 watthours = 123 kilowatt-hours. Example 2 Florida in winter and Maine in summer: With the limited gures in Table 11.2, the simplest approximation would be to use the Lowest Month gure for Miami for the 6 months centered on winter and the Highest Month gure for Portland, ME, for the 6 months centered on summer. Miami, FL: 60 5.05 365/2 = 55.3 kWh Portland, ME: 60 5.23 365/2 = 57.3 kWh Annual total = 112.6 kWh In 10, we retro tted a boat to reduce its electrical load to 48.7 Ah per day. As we saw in the examples above, in a sunny climate, or for a liveaboard boat following the sun, a solar array consisting of two 60-watt panels could be expected to provide an average of 2 112.6 = 225 kWh/yr. Dividing by 12 volts and 365 days, the array output averages 51.4 Ah/day or less than 100% of the boat s load. Provided the battery bank was sized at roughly four times the daily draw, this cruiser would rarely, if ever, have to use his engine for the sole purpose of charging the batteries.
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