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Communication Toolkit
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After the learner has received the feedback data and prioritized the issues raised, the next step in the coaching process is the Challenging stage. While some learners may wish to skip the Challenging stage and proceed to the Changing stage at this time, it is not recommended that the learner move directly to action. There are several reasons not to skip the Challenging stage. First, both learners and developers need time to discuss what was learned during the Communicating stage. New ideas, contrasting feelings, larger perspectives, and answers to important questions usually emerge during the Challenging stage. Second, the Challenging stage is essential for motivating the learner to engage in sustained growth. All learners need to ask themselves: Do I really want to change my behavior While challenging someone may not initially sound like supportive behavior, it can become a turning point for many learners when it is done with respect and compassion. In the coaching context, challenging refers to actions on the part of the developer that get the learner s attention and cause him or her to really take stock of behaviors. Four high-impact challenges for individuals of all nine Enneagram styles are included in s 3 through 11.
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25: WAN Introduction
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byte result; a = 127; b = 127; try { result = unchecked((byte)(a * b)); Console.WriteLine("Unchecked result: " + result); result = checked((byte)(a * b)); // this causes exception Console.WriteLine("Checked result: " + result); // won't execute } catch (OverflowException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc); } } }
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Now the exceptions that the networking methods might generate have been caught. For example, if you change the call to Create( ) as shown here,
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As discussed in 4, training should be differentiated for the different types of users. So too should XI migration training. Report consumers who had already been trained on InfoView, for example, may only need an e-mail about new login procedures and a few highlights of what s new. Power users, on the other hand, may need web-based or classroom training or workshops that discuss the most significant changes. Training is not only determined by the type of BI user but also by your migration strategy. If you migrate to XI without consolidating environments or converting reports, less training may be necessary in the early phases of your implementation but more will be necessary as the users want to leverage some of the new capabilities.
Introduction to Database Management
Pseudorandom binary sequences (PRBS) are explained in detail in the chapter on bit error testing. Broadly speaking, however, they can be considered a predictive bit pattern that has the qualities of a real traffic signal. Their predictive nature allows bit errors to be spotted. PRBS loaded signals can be used in a number of ways.
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Laboratory Manual
application in a capsule can run on any host OS. With encapsulation, the application s OS dependency has been broken.
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