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This section covers situations where deviating from the default installation and configuration may be desired or can be beneficial to an environment.
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FIGURE 21-23
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Lack of Quality Control or Construction Supervision
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Notice in Fig. 3-1 that the difference in absorbance between the two forms of hemoglobin is greatest at a wavelength of about 690 nm. This means we can measure absorbance at 690 nm as a convenient way to determine the proportion of hemoglobin with oxygen bound to it. For example, let s say we have a sample of hemoglobin. Now say we measure the difference in absorbance between our sample and oxygen-free hemoglobin to be only 3/4 of the difference we expect for fully oxygenated hemoglobin. Then we can say that 75% of the oxygen binding sites in our hemoglobin sample have oxygen bound to them, while 25% remain unoccupied. In many molecules, absorption of light also varies with conformation, as well as with the presence or absence of bound ligands. So absorption spectroscopy can be used to follow conformational transitions and ligand binding. Temperaturescanning absorption spectroscopy measures absorbance (usually at a single wavelength) across a range of temperatures. This is useful for studying temperature-induced conformational transitions, that is, changes in molecular shape that can be brought about by changes in temperature. This is a common technique for studying conformational transitions in membranes, proteins, and DNA (nucleic acids). See Fig. 3-2.
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// This statement works for both reference and value types. obj = default(T); // Works! }
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Did you actually do the premastering for the production CD in-house or do you farm that work out Jeff: We do it in-house. Chris: What do you mean by premastering exactly Creating the one-off that went to the replicator prior to production. Chris: We created the one-off. When you produce a one-off, there are a bunch of utilities around that will do sector-by-sector checking of content. Did you go to that extreme or did you rely on the replicator to run a check before they create a glass master Chris: Usually we rely on the replicator. If we're having some problems, I de nitely have gotten to the point of doing sector-by-sector checks. But usually we do that kind of stuff to see where a le was written on a CD. A lot of times when you're using QuickTime media for example, it is crucial that the media is written as close to the center of the disc as possible to get every bit of performance out of the media that you can. That's interesting. I thought it was much less an issue with the faster CD-ROM drives, but it sounds like you still need to worry about le placement quite a bit. Chris: You can't count on the end user having a faster CD-ROM drive. Even in a situation where you are developing for a 4x drive and you have some rich QuickTime media playing along with some other animation in Director, you still have to worry. You do every thing you can to get good performance. Does Toast even have a feature that lets you control disc geography Chris: It does, but only works for ISO-9660. It's really frustrating when you are making a cross-platform CD. How did you get around the placement issue then Chris: On this particular CD, it wasn't so much an issue. We just tended to put the les that would only be accessed once, like the software demos, towards the outside of the disc. The Flash content and the Director les we were going to be repeatedly accessing, we put in the middle of the disc. To answer your question: On this particular project, we really didn't
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TABLE 11.1
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If a carbon dioxide tank is used for the gas source, consider using buffer tanks on the low-pressure side of the gas regulator to compensate for the limited conversion rate of the carbon dioxide from liquid to gas. A high-pressure air or nitrogen source will provide a greater air flow, at the expense of more room taken up by the gas tanks. The most powerful spear designs use no regulator at all, instead running full-pressure carbon dioxide straight from the storage tanks. Although this approach overcomes the gas flow problems by running at a much higher pressure, it is difficult and expensive to implement safely.
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One of the most powerful query features is provided by the group clause because it enables you to create results that are grouped by keys. Using the sequence obtained from a group, you can easily access all of the data associated with a key. This makes group an easy and effective way to retrieve data that is organized into sequences of related items. The group clause is one of only two clauses that can end a query. (The other is select.) The group clause has the following general form: group range-variable by key It returns data grouped into sequences, with each sequence sharing the key specified by key. data matrix barcode
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Overlay sales jobs work in support of direct sales jobs and, occasionally, indirect sales jobs to provide additional sales support to the primary seller. Application specialist An application specialist has an in-depth knowledge of a specific application or family of applications Assists the assigned seller to help promote the application to customers or channel partners A product specialist has an in-depth knowledge of a select product or family of products Assists the assigned seller to help promote the product to customers or channel partners A service specialist has an in-depth knowledge of a select service or family of services Assists the assigned seller to help promote the service to the customer or channel partner A vertical specialist has an in-depth knowledge of a specific industry or buyer type Assists assigned sellers to help promote the company s products or services to a specific vertical/industry market
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Establishing a Call from a Landline to a Mobile
Figure 3.27 Coding for cable transmission and electrical interfaces. The coding rules ensure a
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