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Security Issues and Guidelines
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SECURITY ALERT! For non-administrator appliance accounts, make sure the privilege level is 0, which ensures that remote access users can t access the appliance itself! Local User Attributes For certain users, you might want to override some of the group policies that they inherit from the tunnel group they are associated with. This can be done locally on the appliance by creating user attributes with the following commands:
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Transcendental Functions
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Low Intermediate High
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try { result = unchecked((byte)(a * b)); Console.WriteLine("Unchecked result: " + result); result = checked((byte)(a * b)); // this causes exception Console.WriteLine("Checked result: " + result); // won't execute } catch (OverflowException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc); } } }
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SS7 Network
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Table 9-2 lists the precedence, from highest to lowest, of all C++ operators. Most operators associate from left to right. The unary operators, the assignment operators, and the operator associate from right to left. Note that the table includes a few operators that you have not yet learned about; most of these are used in object-oriented programming.
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The Java Report panel allows for more complex documents and queries to be developed. Throughout this chapter, steps to build a query are demonstrated using the Java Report panel. The precise steps to build queries using one of the other panels will be slightly different, however, the concepts are the same. To create a new document: 1. From within the InfoView portal, select New | Web Intelligence Document.
Getting Started
border, border-top, border-top-color, border-top-style, border-width border-width border-width is a shorthand property used to set the width of the four border sides of an element.
Relational and Logical Operators
a runtime error will result because there is no implicit conversion defined from int (which is the runtime type of val in this case) to bool. Therefore, even though this line will compile without error, it will result in a runtime error. Before leaving this example, try a short experiment. Change the type of str and val to object, and then try recompiling. As you will see, compile-time errors result. This is because object does not support the actions that are performed on the variables, and this is caught during compilation. This is the primary difference between object and dynamic. Even though both can be used to refer to any other type of object, only those actions supported by object can be used on a variable of type object. By using dynamic, you can specify whatever action you like as long as that action is supported by the actual object being referred to at runtime. To see how dynamic can simplify certain tasks, we will work through a simple example that uses it with reflection. As explained in 17, one way to invoke a method on an object of a class that was obtained at runtime via reflection is to call the Invoke( ) method. Although this works, it would be more convenient to invoke that method by name in cases in which the method name is known. For example, you might have a situation in which you know that a certain assembly contains a specific class, which supports methods whose names and actions are known. However, because this assembly is subject to change, you always want to make sure that you are using the latest version. One way to accomplish this is to use reflection to examine the assembly, construct an object of the class, and then invoke the methods defined by the class. By using dynamic, you can now invoke those methods by name (since the names are known) rather than through the Invoke( ) method. To begin, put the following code in a file called MyClass.cs. This is the code that will be dynamically loaded via reflection.
ciscoasa# copy disk0: Address or name of remote host [] Source filename [anyconnect-win-2.2.0128-k9.pkg] Destination filename [anyconnect-win-2.2.0128-k9.pkg] Accessing!!!!!! <--output omitted--> Writing file disk0:/anyconnect-win-2.2.0128-k9.pkg... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--output omitted--> 2150443 bytes copied in 2.270 secs (1075221 bytes/sec)
Most monopods have a wrist strap. Use this in conjunction with your camera s neck strap to ensure that the camera doesn t go crashing to the ground while you re changing memory cards. After you photograph a scene with a monopod attached to your camera, collapse the extension tubes and tighten the locking collars before moving to another location. Alternatively, unloosen the Figure 5-4: Capture photos of participants preparing for the event.
Myth: Blu-ray Is Revolutionary
I N F prohibits nesting or repeating groups in tables. A table not in I N F is unnormalized or nonnormalized. In Table 7.3, the university table is unnormalized because the two rows contain repeating groups or nested tables. To convert an unnormalized table into INF, you replace each value o f a repeating group with a row. In a n e w row, y o u copy the nonrepeat ing columns. You can see the conversion by comparing Table 7.3 with Table 7.1 (two rows with repeating groups versus four rows without repeating groups). Because most commercial D B M S s require I N F tables, y o u normally do not need to con vert tables into INF. However, you often need to perform the reverse process ( I N F tables to unnormalized tables) for report generation. A s discussed in 10, reports use nest ing to show relationships. However, the underlying tables do not have nesting.
As you can see in the preceding example, the downloaded ACL has four statements, including the hit counts on the statements. NOTE Any downloaded ACL is not saved to flash when you execute the write command.
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