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Fibre Channel Technology
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The C I/O system is designed to work with a wide variety of devices, including terminals, disk drives, and tape drives. Even though each device is different, the I/O system transforms each into a logical device called a stream. All streams behave similarly. Because streams are largely device independent, the same function that can write to a disk file can also write to another type of device, such as the console. There are two types of streams: text and binary.
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One of the first cloud offerings was cloud storage and it remains a popular solution. Cloud storage is a big world. There are already in excess of 100 vendors offering cloud storage. This is an ideal solution if you want to maintain files off-site.
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In addition to these services, they also partner with other industry leaders to develop new offerings for NetApp s clients.
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enough stamps for postcards, and you re outta here! Figure 23-15 shows the finished postcard.
CHAPTER8 y = cos3x and the x-axis when the curve crosses the
Optical Storage Advantages
Answers: 1,2,3,5
2. Design rating equation Strength I limit state: C ( c) ( s) ( ) Rn RF [( c) ( s) ( ) Rn ( DC) (DC) ( DW) (DW)] / L (LL IM) (LRFD Condition factor ( c) 1.0 for no deterioration (LRFD System factor ( s) 1.0 for a slab bridge (LRFD Resistance factor ( ) 0.9 for exure (LRFD IM 1.33
Part I:
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thumbnails of your saved work. You can also see the version of CorelDRAW in which the file was saved plus other file information, and even see user data (covered in this chapter) when you or a coworker has entered keywords and/or other data in these fields. To help you find the exact file you want to open, the Open Drawing dialog displays, in the lower right of the dialog, some information about the file you have selected and shows the first page of the file (CorelDRAW documents can consist of several pages) if the Preview check box is checked.
Clearly, changes will always occur as we demand faster and more reliable communications capabilities. It was only a matter of time until some users demanded higher speed communications than was offered by the current DSL technologies. As a result, VDSL was introduced to achieve the higher speeds. If, in fact, speeds of up to 50 Mbps are demanded, then the distance limitations of the local cable plant will be a factor. In order to achieve the speeds, you can expect that a fiber feed will be used to deliver VDSL. This technique will most likely carry ATM traffic (cells) as its primary payload. The pilot program of US West communications in Gilbert, Arizona plans to deliver fiber to the door, Fiber to the Home (FTTH), to provide voice, data, video, and multimedia communications to the consumer. Although this pilot is still in planning, a lot of excitement has been generated over the possibilities. Another such pilot was announced in 1998 by S print communications with their Integrated On-demand Networking (ION) capability to satisfy the same communications services from the consumer s door. ION will use a combination of VDSL and ATM cells to provide integrated communications on demand. Sprint recognized after the announcement of ION that local loop, and particularly the fiber local loop, was a requirement to deliver the service. Unfortunately, many of the incumbent telephone companies do not have fiber to the door. This will cause delay until such time that the fiber can be deployed. Table 16-2 summarizes the speeds and characteristics of the DSL technologies discussed. These are the typical installation and operational characteristics; others will certainly exist in variations of installation and implementation. Table 16-2: Summary of DSL speeds and operations using current methods Service ADSL Explanation Asymmetric DSL Rate Adaptive DSL Download 1.5 8.192 Mbps 64 Kbps 8.192 Mbps Upload 16 640 Kbps Mode of Operation Different up and down speeds, one pair wire Different up and down. Many common operations on 768 Kbps. One pair wire. Now ratified as DSL-lite
of someone s name can sound like an affectation, as if you re a phony or obsequious. In the discussion later in this chapter regarding salutations, you ll learn that using someone s name at the start of your communication is almost always a good idea (e.g., Dear George, or Dear Dr. Janson). You might also consider closing with a reference to your reader or readers (e.g., Thanks again, Matthew, for your assistance. ). Be cautious, however, about using references in the body of a letter or other communication. Adding references risks conveying an overly familiar, even servile attitude. Don t be discouraged from referring to people by name; just be certain the tone is appropriate. One way to do this is to read the text aloud, pretending that you are having a conversation with your reader. If it sounds natural in conversation, probably it s appropriate in writing. Using a category that refers to your readers, such as a job title, can be a viable alternative to naming someone. This approach is effective when it s impractical to write to individuals because there are too many of them. For example, in a newsletter article or a press release, the text needs to reach a broad audience. Saying Employees with more than ve years service need to update their forms is an example of referring to a speci c segment of the population, in this case, all employees with more than ve years service.
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