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6.6.1 Introduction
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Application types Programming logic General purpose memory size Font buffer size for text rendering Maximum sound effects buffer size Maximum graphics buffer size Graphics bit depth Text-based subtitle rendering Popup and multipage menus
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What is methotrexate s failure rate What are the two methods of methotrexate administration for the treatment of an ectopic pregnancy
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sharp edges. As you saw in Table 5-4, the body rear by itself makes up approximately 33 percent of the Cd, so any change you can make here should pay big dividends. In the practical domain of our pickup truck example, putting on a lightweight and streamlined (rounded edges) camper shell should be your first choice. Station wagon shapes actually have better Cd figures than fastback sedan shapes (though the difference in weight negates the advantage). A pickup truck with a streamlined camper shell is very close to a station wagon shape. The next choice is to put a cover over the pickup box. If even this is not feasible, leave the tailgate down and use a cargo net or wire screen instead, or simply remove the tailgate if this presents you with no functional problems.
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CHAPTER 5 Indeterminate Forms
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No parameters One parameter: 2 Two parameters: 4 6 Result of ob.OvlDemo(4, 6): 10 Two double parameters: 1.1 2.32 Result of ob.OvlDemo(1.1, 2.32): 3.42
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9: Interfaces, Structures, and Enumerations
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/* Display the game board. */ void disp_matrix(void) { int t; for(t=0; t<3; t++) { printf(" %c | %c | %c ", matrix[t][0], matrix[t][1], matrix [t][2]); if(t!=2) printf("\n---|---|---\n"); } printf("\n"); } /* See if there is a winner. */ char check(void) { int t; char *p; for(t=0; t<3; t++) { /* check rows */ p = &matrix[t][0]; if(*p==*(p+1) && *(p+1)==*(p+2)) return *p; } for(t=0; t<3; t++) { /* check columns */ p = &matrix[0][t]; if(*p==*(p+3) && *(p+3)==*(p+6)) return *p; } /* test diagonals */ if(matrix[0][0]==matrix[1][1] && matrix[1][1]==matrix[2][2]) return matrix[0][0]; if(matrix[0][2]==matrix[1][1] && matrix[1][1]==matrix[2][0]) return matrix[0][2]; return SPACE; }
To test two strings for equality, you can use the = = operator. Normally, when the = = operator is applied to object references, it determines if both references refer to the same object. This differs for objects of type string. When the = = is applied to two string references, the contents of the strings, themselves, are compared for equality. The same is true for the != operator: When comparing string objects, the contents of the strings are compared. For other types of string comparisons, you will need to use the CompareTo( ) method. Here is a program that demonstrates several string operations:
Digital PhotographyGetting to Know Your PC Most from Your Camera QuickSteps Getting the PC QuickSteps
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Graph 4x2 + 9y2 = 36.
Fig. 13.3 Cable Adapter and Feed-Throughs
S1 (f 2 , s2 ) = Ni , k1 (f 2 ) M j , k2 ( s2 ) pi , j
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Telephone networks, which are ubiquitous in developed nations, do not necessarily have the sufficient reach to enable broadband services ubiquitously. The cost of upgrading the cable and copper infrastructure to enable delivery of broadband services in rural areas where the population density is very is low is not economically feasible. Therefore, even though the broadband services are readily available in many of the urban and suburban areas of developed nations, many rural areas are underserved. WiMAX is very well suited to provide broadband services in such rural environments. In rural applications of WiMAX, where subscriber density is low and spread out, a BS has to cover a larger area in order to make any economic sense. This necessitates the use of frequencies below 10 GHz, which have favorable propagation characteristics over longer distances. In this kind of environment, subscribers are usually in LoS of a central tower. Therefore, for this kind of application, networks using the SC-PHY standard, which uses spectrum below 11 GHz but is based on a single-carrier technique, would be ideally suited. Alternately, an SC-PHY-based solution (when the BS coverage area is small and LOS is viable) or an OFDM-PHY-based solution (when the BS coverage area is large or LOS is not viable) are both suitable for this application.
Advanced Objects
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