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The development environment, shown in Figure 10 - 3, mirrors the appearance of the nal output, whether you are porting content to WebHelp or HTML help. The pane of the left side of the application window represents a collapsible tree of the topics included in the project. Content can be restructured and reorganized on this tree as required. The project author can also navigate through individual topics through selections made in this pane. The pane at the bottom of the application window serves different functions at different times. It can display the status of the compiling process when you are preparing a help le for release. The high-end version of the RoboHelp package, RoboHelp Of ce 2000, includes an additional output format: JavaHelp. JavaHelp, developed by Sun Microsystems, is a delivery system that works under the Java virtual machine. As such, it can be used and viewed anywhere there is a compatible playback environment, either through the Java capabilities of a browser or the built-in Java virtual machine capabilities within an operating system (whether Windows, UNIX, or MacOS). This output format,
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Constructing a Web Storefront
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Fig. 3-38 In Example 3-9, we want to nd the Norton equivalent circuit as seen at terminals A and B by the load resistor.
CHAPTER 21 Exploring the System Namespace CHAPTER 22 Strings and Formatting CHAPTER 23 Multithreaded Programming, Part One CHAPTER 24 Multithreading, Part Two: Exploring the Task Parallel Library and PLINQ CHAPTER 25 Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators CHAPTER 26 Networking Through the Internet Using System.NET
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