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NOISE There are two types of noise associated with a photodetector: white noise and 1/f noise. White noise represents background noise generated by the movement of electrons and has a uniform spectral power density. Some detectors have an additional noise component referred to as 1/f noise, whose spectral power density is inversely proportional to frequency. Because a higher signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) is more advantageous, it is important to obtain the former. To do so requires a reduction in bandwidth that is normally accomplished by the use of filters. Because 1/f noise decreases with increasing frequency this permits the , S/N ratio to be maximized via light detection at a frequency sufficiently high that 1/f noise can be minimized. RESPONSE TIME The response time represents the time required for a detector to respond to a significant change in input optical power. A lower response time enables the detector to operate at a higher data transmission rate. Now that we have an appreciation for the basic metrics associated with the performance level of a photodetector let s dis, cuss each type of detector.
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les and Fig. 13.5 shows a comparison of the residual vibration envelopes (constructed by connecting the peaks of the residual vibrations). A study of the gures yields that some cam curves have a lower level of residual vibrations than others depending on the range of T1/TN. In summation, the speeds of all cam-driven mechanisms vary. Even constant speed systems must vary in speed from zero to design speed during start-up and shutdown. Thus, resonances with one or more of the excitational frequencies will occur. The amplitude of response is proportional to the amplitude of the input harmonic. A cam acceleration curve with a limited number of harmonics avoids this coincidence if the frequency of the highest harmonic is well below the rst natural frequency of the system. For example, the Gutman F-3, Freudenstein 1-3 harmonic, and cycloidal curves each have few harmonics and thus produce generally sound dynamic responses except at very high speeds.
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The C# Language
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Default message
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Similar to PMBOK knowledge areas, PRINCE2 details eight components that are deemed critical for project success: Business case Organization Plans Controls Management of risk Quality in a project environment Configuration management Change control PRINCE2 offers three different techniques for managing projects: Product-based planning Quality review Change control
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Flexible tributary extraction Built-in signaling Future-proofing Multivendor network capabilities
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Router-on-a-stick example
Notice that, in the process of solving the last example, and in the discussion preceding it, we learned that h0 represents the initial height of the falling body and v0 represents the initial velocity of the falling body. This information will be useful in the other examples that we examine.
Early in the Web s life, hypertext was mostly hand-coded Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that was published on Web servers. If a published page needed to be changed, it had to be done by the page s author. As the Web grew up, it became more dynamic with the addition of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). This allowed external applications to interface with web servers.
ISO 15504
Google App Engine and Salesforce
// A simple program that demonstrates mul(). #include <iostream> using namespace std; void mul(int x, int y); // mul()'s prototype int main() { mul(10, 20); mul(5, 6); mul(8, 9); return 0; } void mul(int x, int y) { cout << x * y << " "; }
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