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Figure 6.14j Assignments and boolean expressions.
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Use in Business and Education
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Internal Network Stateful Firewall 1 3
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Organize Your Digital Image Library
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WLAN Standards
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Hubbard, D., Camshaft Reference Handbook, Don Hubbard, Publisher, Ft. Myers, Fla., 2000; Dour, J., Megacycle, San Rapael, Calif. Personal communication, 2002. Crane, H., formerly of Crane Corporation, Daytona Beach, California. Personal communication, 2000.
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Boiling point ( C)
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Self-paced training or corporate communication applications. The ability to use video clips at less than full-screen size is also required for self-paced applications like training. Figure 14 - 23 could also be a screen for such a self-paced application. Delivery over the Web. Because the Web is so abysmally slow, video le sizes must be as small as possible. However, some users have fast cable modems and T-1 lines, while others still have 28K bps modems. One size of a video clip may be too much for one user's system to display properly, while the le may be too small (dif cult to see) or too compressed (reduced quality) for another. To optimize the playback of video for all users, QuickTime has the built-in capability of using alternate video clips. This means storing on your DVD ROM or DVD-RAM server several versions of the same video clip. Which one plays depends on the speed of the network connection. More programming control. There are more tools that allow program control of videos stored in QuickTime format. For example, a software package like LiveStage can make a QuickTime movie with embedded control buttons, just like a CD-ROM project. Another, more subtle use of this programming control is to compensate for the fact that Mac monitors have a different gamma (brightness curve) than Windows monitors. The programming detects which platform a user has, and displays a video clip optimized for the gamma of the appropriate monitor. In addition, it is much easier and faster to make, say, a navigational change to a Director interactive module stored on DVD-RAM than it is to make a navigational change to a DVD video title, and re-burn the DVD video disc. More choices for a codec. QuickTime is a le format, and it can read and write many different codecs. As of this writing, the best codec to choose is Sorensen. This codec comes in a Professional version, which is used to encode (compress) video clips, while a user just needs the standard installed version of QuickTime to have the playback Sorensen codec available. The key aspect of Sorensen which makes it very good is that you can encode a video clip using Variable Bit Rate encoding. This means that the encoding algorithm adjusts the data rate to allow for varying dif culties of compressing different part of the video clip. (Actually, MPEG-2 has this capability also.)
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To view the statistics for a TCP or UDP port or range of ports, use this command:
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As just explained, value types, such as int or char, are passed by value to a method. This means that changes to the parameter that receives a value type will not affect the actual argument used in the call. You can, however, alter this behavior. Through the use of the ref and out keywords, it is possible to pass any of the value types by reference. Doing so allows a method to alter the argument used in the call. Before going into the mechanics of using ref and out, it is useful to understand why you might want to pass a value type by reference. In general, there are two reasons: to allow a method to alter the contents of its arguments or to allow a method to return more than one value. Let s look at each reason in detail. Often you will want a method to be able to operate on the actual arguments that are passed to it. The quintessential example of this is a Swap( ) method that exchanges the values of its two arguments. Since value types are passed by value, it is not possible to write a method that swaps the value of two ints, for example, using C# s default call-by-value parameter passing mechanism. The ref modifier solves this problem. As you know, a return statement enables a method to return a value to its caller. However, a method can return only one value each time it is called. What if you need to return two or more pieces of information For example, what if you want to create a method that decomposes a floating-point number into its integer and fractional parts To do this requires that two pieces of information be returned: the integer portion and the fractional component. This method cannot be written using only a single return value. The out modifier solves this problem.
Use the OR operator.
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Part II:
The C# Language
Which storage vendor to go with can be a complex issue, and how your technology interacts with the cloud can be complex. For instance, some products are agent-based, and the application automatically transfers information to the cloud via FTP. But others employ a web front end, and the user has to select local files on their computer to transmit. Amazon S3 is the best-known storage solution, but other vendors might be better for large enterprises. For instance, those who offer service level agreements and direct access to customer support are critical for a business moving storage to a service provider.
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