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Since the completion of IEEE Std 802.1Q-2005, Virtual LANs (VLANs) have been available as a standard feature of bridges. VLANs enable a bridged network to offer up to 4094 separate instances of the MAC service, with each one connecting one or more LANs. Since a VLAN bridge cannot transfer a frame from one VLAN to another, and since the MAC address space of each VLAN can be configured to be independent of every other VLAN, VLANs provide the basic service characteristic that customers of Carrier Ethernet service require isolation from other customers. A VLAN is perfectly equivalent to an EVC. As a consequence, the IEEE Std 802.1Q VLANs were offered to customers by service providers as soon as they were standardized. A VLAN bridge associates every received data frame with a VLAN, either implicitly by configuring the port on which it was received or explicitly by a VLAN tag, as shown in Figure 13.3. (Figure 13.3 calls this a C-VLAN tag, for reasons that will become apparent in the next section.) Most stations are not VLAN-aware. They transmit and receive untagged Ethernet frames, as shown in Figure 13.3a. Each port of a VLAN bridge is configured with a port VLAN ID (PVID). Untagged frames received by the bridge are assigned to the PVID. The bridge may be configured to discard tagged frames or to discard frames not tagged with the PVID, in order to enforce its configuration upon the stations on the LAN. Similarly, all frames transmitted by the bridge to non-VLANaware stations are untagged; otherwise, a non-VLAN-aware station would be unable to decode the frame.
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Daugman, J. How Iris Recognition Works. 1998. University of Cambridge. Daugman, J. John Daugman s Webpage, Cambridge University, Computer Laboratory. 1998 2002. Daugman, J. United States Patent No. 5,291,560 (issued 1 March 1994). Biometric Personal Identification System Based on Iris Analysis. Washington D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office. Defense Advance Research Projects Agency. Iris Recognition at a Distance (IPTO Project with Sarnoff Corporation). 2001. psum2001/M237-0.html. EyeDentify Corporation. Wommelgem, Belgium. 2002. http://www.eye-dentify .com/. EyeTicket Corpration. McLean, Virginia. EyeTicket Corporation Webpage. 1997 2002. Flom, L., and A. Safir. United States Patent No. 4,641,349 (issued 3 February 1987). Iris Recognition System. Washington D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office. Iridian Technologies, Inc. KnowWho Authentication Server, Product Specifications. 2001. Mansfield, T. Biometric Authentication in the Real World. The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Center for Mathematics and Scientific Computing. 2001. Middlesex, United Kingdom. Mansfield, T., G. Kelly, D. Chandler, and J. Kane. Biometric Product Testing Final Report. 2001. The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Center for Mathematics and Scientific Computing. Middlesex, United Kingdom. Orkand Corporation. Personal Identifier Project: Final Report. April 1990. State of California Department of Motor Vehicles Report DMV88-89. Reprinted by the U.S. National Biometric Test Center. Retinal Technologies, Incorporated. University of Albany Library. Finding Aid for the Carleton P. Simon Papers, 1881 1952, 1956 (APAP-073). December 16, 1988. speccoll/findaids/apap073.htm.
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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A biometric-based identifier will easily satisfy the first two requirements. As for sole control, the individual will be in sole control of the biometric itself (for example, his fingerprint, voice, or iris). Once the biometric template is provided to the other party to the agreement, however, that template is no longer in the sole control of the signer. If the other contracting party exercises reasonable care in safeguarding the template to prevent its unauthorized use or its disclosure, and documents its safeguarding procedures, this requirement should be satisfied as well. To provide an additional level of protection, the parties may wish to consider cryptographically binding the biometric template to the message to make it computationally infeasible for that template to be attached to another document without the alteration being detected. The final requirement would be satisfied so long as the electronic signature is attached to or logically associated with the electronic record. Ideally, this would be accomplished in a way that provides the maximum protection against fraud; that is, the signature should be attached to the record in such a way that the signature cannot be copied or excised and pasted onto another document. This could be accomplished by cryptographically binding the signature to the electronic record. Not all transactions will require this maximum level of protection against fraud, however. In many contexts, so long as the databases containing the biometric template and the electronic record are safeguarded adequately, the signature need
By default, a Citrix Presentation Server farm supports only Microsoft Windows users. Follow the next steps to specify the preferred NDS tree for the farm. Presentation Server supports only one NDS tree in each farm. 1. Log on to the Presentation Server Console and connect to a Presentation Server configured for NDS support. 2. Right-click the farm node in the left pane of the console and choose Properties. 3. Click the MetaFrame Settings tab in the Properties dialog box. 4. Specify the tree name in the NDS Preferred Tree field, and then click OK. To disable NDS support for the farm, erase the value in the NDS Preferred Tree field, and then click OK.
In this program, MAX is defined to be less than 10, so the #if portion of the code is not compiled, but the #else alternative is. Therefore, the message Current memory OK. is displayed. Notice that the #else is used to mark both the end of the #if block and the beginning of the #else block. This is necessary because there can be only one #endif associated with any #if. The #elif means else if and is used to establish an if-else-if ladder for multiple compilation options. The #elif is followed by a constant expression. If the expression is true, then that block of code is compiled, and no other #elif expressions are tested or compiled. Otherwise, the next #elif expression in the series is checked. The general form is #if expression statement sequence #elif expression 1 statement sequence #elif expression 2 statement sequence #elif expression 3 statement sequence // ... #elif expression N statement sequence #endif
Once the les have been prepared in this manner, they can be transferred to CD-ROM, along with the playback engine that will present the material. This kind of presentation can be prepared in a high-end package, such as Macromedia Director, but you may not be willing to invest several hundred dollars if your requirements for this type of tool are only occasional. One tool that makes this process very simple is Inmedia s Slides and Sound; available for approximately $50, Slides and Sound has a very well organized user interface and allows even novices to become quickly productive. The program generates an executable le (for use on Windowsbased systems) that can access the full range of media assets included in a presentation. Presentations are made more interesting by a very wide selection of transitions from slide-to-slide, and support for a variety of audio formats, allowing voiceover commentary and background music to be easily added to a project. For a project of this sort, content can include both originally produced digital assets, such as images captured through a digital camera or artwork imported from a scanner, as well as images or sounds from clip libraries. If you selectively choose your content from some of the higher
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