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The GetParts( ) method returns two pieces of information. First, the integer portion of n is returned as GetParts( ) s return value. Second, the fractional portion of n is passed back to the caller through the out parameter frac. As this example shows, by using out, it is possible for one method to return two values. Of course, you are not limited to only one out parameter. A method can return as many pieces of information as necessary through out parameters. Here is an example that uses two out parameters. The method HasComFactor( ) performs two functions. First, it determines if two integers have a common factor (other than 1). It returns true if they do and false otherwise. Second, if they do have a common factor, HasComFactor( ) returns the least and greatest common factors in out parameters.
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Source: Carrier Grade Voice Over IP
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You ve probably realized by now that even the largest toy tracks you can find are too small for a combat robot or any other type of large robot. The smallest of the real metal treads are ones you ve seen on a garden tractor, and these are too big for your machine. So, if you re dead set on making your robot move with tank treads, you re probably wondering what to do next. You might start to look at wide-toothed belts, which work much like the timing belt on your car. The only trick to using these is that you need to make sure whatever belt you choose has enough traction to stay competitive on the arena floor. Some successful builders have used snow-blower tracks, which seem to be just the right size for many types of combat robots. Flipping a large industrial belt with softer rubber teeth inside out is another option for builders who want tank treads on their bots. These are ready-made teeth to dig into the floor, flexible and cheap what a way to go! In this case, you go to a friend and have him machine two spindles out of aluminum that fit the width of the belt. After mounting one of the spindles on a free-turning shaft and the other to a driven shaft, you try out one of your timingbelt treads. Almost at once you notice the driving spindle spinning on the belt s surface when you apply a load to the bottom of the tread. You remember seeing that the driving spindle on a real tractor has teeth that engage the back of the tracks. You decide to machine two new drive spindles out of rubber. You re back
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Reporting and Analysis
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Networks, Topologies, and Security
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// Call Meth() through an interface reference. public int MethA(int x){ a_ob = this; return a_ob.Meth(x); // calls IMyIF_A } public int MethB(int x){ b_ob = this; return b_ob.Meth(x); // calls IMyIF_B } } class FQIFNames { static void Main() { MyClass ob = new MyClass(); Console.Write("Calling IMyIF_A.Meth(): "); Console.WriteLine(ob.MethA(3)); Console.Write("Calling IMyIF_B.Meth(): "); Console.WriteLine(ob.MethB(3)); } }
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Figure 7-19 Application of V5.2
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Table A-1. IMA Error Codes (Continued )
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52 =A46 53 EBT 54 EBT margin
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As text If you need, for example, a fancy bullet that is inline in existing text in your document, you place the Text Tool cursor at the location in the text where you want the character, click the character on the docker to select it, and then you click the Insert button. You might not always want to choose this method; the advantages are that the character is editable text and stays aligned to the text that comes before it and after it. However, the disadvantage is that as a designer, you might want to move this ornamental character around on the page but as inline text, the inserted character is bound to the line of text you added it to. As a collection of editable shapes To add a character to your document as a shape you can immediately edit with the Shape Tool, you first select the Pick Tool instead of the Text Tool. Then you drag the thumbnail of the symbol you want onto the page. It s easy to spot the difference between an inserted Symbol on a page and a Symbol added as a shape: shapes have a default black outline and no fill, so they re easy to single out in a document. The disadvantage to adding a Symbol as a shape is that you can t edit it with the Text Tool, but overall, you have an endless supply of special characters at your cursor tip with the Insert Character docker, so mistakenly adding the type of symbol you don t want to a document is corrected in a flash.
Defining Resource Limits
Developer s challenge Why would you want to do nothing about this relationship Developer s follow-on response If the Five gives you a reason that also makes sense to you, say: That sounds like a good decision for you. If the Five gives you a reason you believe is possibly unwise, say: You may believe this is a wise thing to do, but before you proceed, let s talk about the possible negative impact before you put this into action and later regret the consequences.
design. If certain areas of your own design export look like they re acquiring artifacting in the right Result preview pane, back off on the compression amount or increase the Smoothing slider just a little. Smoothing helps disguise JPEG artifacting, but at the price of losing image focus. Don t check Progressive this option allows a dial-up connection audience to view your image on the Web as streaming data (it builds up as the image loads), but as you can see here, the estimated saved file size is less than 64K. A dial-up connection can usually download up to 55 kilobits per second; you divide that by 8 because the file is measured in bytes and not bits, and we re talking about 8 seconds for a dial-up to see the image. That s the worst-case scenario. Click OK and you re done!
// This program is correct. #include <iostream> #include <cstdio> #include <cstring> using namespace std; int main() { char s[80]; char *p1; do { p1 = s; // reset p1 each time through the loop cout << "Enter a string: "; gets(p1); // read a string // print the ASCII values of each character while(*p1) cout << (int) *p1++ << ' '; cout << '\n'; } while(strcmp(s, "done")); return 0; }
D. Horizontal Concrete Surfaces (ACI RAP-7)
To help illustrate the use of object groups with ACLs, I ll use the network shown in Figure 6-3. In this example, I will allow outside access to the internal servers, but only for web and FTP access to the specific servers.
delete. The segment you targeted is immediately deleted. After deleting portions of a path with this tool, what remains is either an open curve with just one path, or a compound curve with two or more subpaths. For example, if the object you re deleting segments from is a closed path, deleting one segment will result in an open curve. Deleting a segment from a rectangle, ellipse, or polygon object will convert the resulting shape to curves and remove the dynamic object properties. To delete segments that are hidden behind an overlapping object, temporarily set its Fill to None. If the object you are deleting segments from is a compound path (an object composed of more than one open or closed path), the Virtual Segment Delete Tool will work best if the object is first broken into individual curves using the Break Curve (CTRL+K) command.
Parameter name
Example: Calculate the power output of a wind machine having a blade diameter of 5 feet (1.52 meters) and ef ciency of 30% in a steady 10-knot wind. P = 0.0653 0.30 1.522 103 = 45 watts The equation highlights the important factors in selecting and sizing a wind machine to satisfy a boat s electrical demand: Ef ciency, E, can never be 100%. If it were, the blades would extract 100% of the kinetic energy of the wind, bringing the wind to a complete halt. The maximum theoretical, aeronautical ef ciency of a wind machine is 59.3% but, due to losses in the generating coils, rotor bearings, and transmission gearing, the actual ef ciencies are around 30%.
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