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In this example, FA0/1 s trunking mode is set to trunk (on), with the native VLAN set to 1. Here s an example using the trunk parameter:
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is consistent and accessible. This is the process of building a data warehouse or data mart, and is covered in detail in 3. This is often a challenging process, with many companies seeming to make the mistake of believing that this is the beginning and end of their BI project. I have personally been into numerous companies that have built warehouses and then provided completely inadequate tools for letting people actually use the information contained in the warehouse. This is like buying a car and then locking it in a garage so it can never be driven; the potential value will never be realized. After building the warehouse, there must be a mechanism to retrieve the data and present it to business users so that they can understand it and act upon what they see. This is where PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity come in, because they are tools built to provide businesses with the ability to monitor and analyze the data. Much of the ability to easily grasp data is because of visualization capabilities available in the products, such as charts, graphs, scorecards, decomposition trees, performance maps, and so on. The data in warehouses can also be used in traditional reports, which, when viewed online, may include interactivity for performing data analysis. PerformancePoint Server adds another piece to the mix: modeling. Modeling can encompass planning, budgeting, and forecasting. While these three items can certainly be done without a warehouse in place, the warehouse provides two major benefits: first, historical data is easily accessible and can be examined for trends and past results; second, the budgets and forecast can be put back into the warehouse and actual results can be tracked against the budget or forecast in the warehouse as time moves on. There are numerous pieces to a business intelligence solution. The term business intelligence, or BI, is used in this book to indicate the entire process. The entire process of business intelligence can be broken into the following steps:
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COM Port Settings
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The prototype to strpbrk( ) is found in <string.h>. The strpbrk( ) function returns a pointer to the first character in the string pointed to by str1 that matches any character in the string pointed to by str2. The null terminators are not included. If there are no matches, a null pointer is returned.
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Virtual Functions
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entity type has attributes AdmTitle, AdmContractLength, and AdmAppointmentDate. alization hierarchy should be complete and overlapping.
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Body Center Challenge: Why would you want to do that What behavior has the learner stated he or she plans to do Do you think this is a wise course of action How would you phrase this Why would you want to do that challenge code 39
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Note that most of the solutions also support other non-Carrier Ethernet services.
The Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA), which took effect in 1998, helps make e-government a reality; GPEA aims to improve the delivery of government services by charging executive agencies with developing procedures to use and accept electronic documents and signatures.19 The GPEA requires federal agencies, by October 21, 2003, to provide individuals or entities that deal with agencies the option to submit information or transact with the agency electronically, and to maintain records electronically, when practicable. GPEA provides that electronic records and their related electronic signatures are not to be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability merely because they are in electronic form. It also encourages federal government use of a range of electronic signature alternatives, including the use of biometric-based identifiers.20 The GPEA defines electronic signature as a method of signing an electronic message that: Identifies and authenticates a particular person as the source of the electronic message; and indicates such person s approval of the information contained in the electronic message. 21 The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), in accordance with the requirements of the GPEA, promulgated guidance for GPEA s implementation, and several agencies have promulgated regulations regarding the use of electronic records and signatures. These regulations attempt to duplicate the desired attributes of a paper-and-ink signature, either through the definition of the signature itself or through restrictions on the way the signature is to be used. For example, the Food and Drug Administration defines an electronic signature as a computer data compilation of any symbol or series of symbols executed, adopted, or authorized by an
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
To recover from this problem, the user has three options to choose from to fix the problem: Restore from backup The hosts.webvpn file is copied to the hosts file, and the hosts.webvpn file is deleted; at this point, the user can start port forwarding. Do nothing Choosing this option takes the users to the home page; port forwarding won t start until the problem is fixed. Delete backup The hosts.webvpn file is deleted, where the hosts file has the port forwarding entries in it; port forwarding then uses the existing hosts file.
Key Name Value Name
Building information modeling simulates the construction project in a virtual environment. A simulation has the advantage of taking place in a computer through the use of a software package. Virtual building implies that it is possible to practice construction, to experiment, and to make adjustments in the project before it is actualized. Virtual mistakes generally do not have serious consequences provided that they are identified and addressed early enough that they can be avoided in the field (the actual construction of the project). When a project is planned and built virtually, most of its relevant aspects can be considered and communicated before the instructions for construction are finalized. The use of computer simulations in the building construction field is revolutionary. Various manufacturing industries have been very successfully applying simulation techniques for decades. Many construction companies have now also successfully applied similar techniques to their building projects, even though critics claim that simulations will only benefit repetitive production processes, and that construction is by definition unique. The case studies in this book illustrate some of these projects. After all, if there is only one opportunity to do it right, it makes a lot of sense to prepare well for that single occasion virtually, and thereby reduce the inherent risks and improve the chances for success and efficiency.
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