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Similarly, it can be shown that there is no cracking under service limit state in ve moment region. Bottom reinforcement 5/8 in diameter @ 10 in centers and top reinforcement 5/8 in diameter @ 9 in centers meet service limit state. Overhang Design A. Data New Jersey barrier (1.75 ft base width and 2.67 ft height) is considered as parapet. NJB unit weight 0.5 kips/ft Effective design cantilever span 3.33 1/4 of ange width 3.0 ft from edge of deck. Depth of overhang 8.5 in 1.5 in 10 in
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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If you are using a router as part of your home LAN, it might not be possible to access HomeSeer from a remote PC. To ameliorate this problem, set up your router to forward all requests to the HomeSeer server port to the HomeSeer PC IP address. For instance, if the IP address of the PC on which HomeSeer is running is, and HomeSeer is using port 81, set up your router so it forwards all requests on port 81 to IP address This information can be found in your router s documentation or by contacting the manufacturer.
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Data Store Network Optimizations
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To print an individual character, use %c. This causes its matching argument to be output, unmodified, to the screen. To print a string, use %s.
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To enable inspection of SCCP, you need to reference it in a layer 3/4 policy map:
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Related Functions
Drawing with Brushes
1. Locate where you want your console to be placed. A good location is at eye level. Since the model we re using has special mounting equipment that grips the sheetrock, we re locating it away from studs. However, if you will be mounting a wall-mounted console, you might be better off locating the console over a stud for a secure connection. 2. Place the frame of the console against the wall and use a level to ensure that the console will be situated squarely in the wall (shown in Figure 6-18). Once the frame is properly located and level, trace around the outside of the frame with a pencil. Note that this step is not necessary if you are mounting the console on the wall rather than in a recessed location.
12.1.4 AASHTO (LRFD) Load Combinations for Extreme Conditions
Download at Boykma.Com
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Build Your Own Combat Robot
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You can view what you configured with the show module 1 recover command. The preceding command doesn t actually perform the recovery process: it defines the parameters to use during the recovery. Once you have defined the configuration parameters for the SSM card recovery process, use the hw-module module recover boot command to perform the actual recovery:
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