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Understand the differences between ad hoc (IBSS) and infrastructure modes. Be able to compare BSS/BSA and ESS/ESA: one versus multiple APs. When using ESS/ESA, each cell should use a different radio channel.
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Development of Ethernet: A Look at the (IEEE) Standardization Efforts Standard Ethernet Invented DIX Standard IEEE 802.3 802.3a 802.3b 802.3c 802.3d 802.3i 802.3j 802.3u 802.3x 802.3y 802.3z 802.1D 802.1Q Brief Description 2.94 Mb over coax 10M over thin coax 10Base5 (10 M over thick coax) 10Base2 (10M over thin coax) 10Base36 (10M over CATV cable) 10 M Repeater Speci cations Fiber Optic inter-repeater link 10BaseT (10M over twisted pair) 10Base F (10M over ber) 100BaseT (100M with auto-negotiation) Full-Duplex and Flow control 100Base over low quality twisted pair 1000BaseX (1000 M/1 G over ber) MAC Bridges Virtual LANs 1000Base-T Ethernet over twisted pair Increased frame size to allow VLAN and priority Link Aggregation 10GBASE (10000M or 10G over ber) Power over Ethernet Ethernet in First Mile (EFM) over Copper, Fiber and Passive 10GBase-T (1250M) Ethernet over UTP 10GBase-LRM (10 G Ethernet over Multi-mode ber) 1G and 10G Backplane Ethernet (over a PCB) Provider Bridges Connectivity Fault Management (CFM); note ITU Y.1731 uses this as a basis and also added Performance Management (rati ed in 2007) Provider Backbone Bridges (PBB) Provider Backbone Bridges Traf c Engineering (PBB-TE). Also referred to as Provider Backbone Trunking (PBT) 2 port Relay and Demarcation
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Click the Save In down arrow, and navigate to the folder in which you want to store the image. If desired, enter a new name for the file. Click the Format down arrow, and choose the desired file format. Note that each file format has different options. For the purpose of this procedure, the file will be saved as a JPEG file. Click Save. The format s option dialog box appears, if applicable. Choose the desired options, and click OK. Choose File | Close to close the image.
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Starting Out
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problem This problem is an excellent pattern for max-min problems. Go through th~s again concentrating on the procedure, not the mathematics, and follow along the guidelines for doing max-min problems.
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4. The following dialog of the wizard shows you the narrowed list of object(s) to find;
In this chapter we study our rst circuit element in detail, the resistor. As we will see, the resistor is actually a very simple device, so our analysis won t change too much at this point. We will just have to do a bit of extra algebra. The operation of a resistor is based on the following fact from physics. As we know, a current is a ow of charges in other words, the charges in a material are moving in a given direction at some speed. As the charges move through the material, they are going to collide with atoms that are xed in place in the form of a crystalline lattice. As the charges move, they follow a process whereby they gain speed, move some distance, then collide with an atom, and have to start all over again. To get them going we need to apply some kind of external force. The external force is applied by impressing an electric eld on the material. For small velocities the current density J, which is coulombs per cubic meter in SI units, is related to the electric eld via a linear relation of the form J = E (2.3)
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HP SureStore CD-Writer Plus M820e
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standard of judicial scrutiny than the compelling state interest test. Courts apply the compelling state interest test when state action affects the exercise of a fundamental right, such as political speech. Accordingly, using the rational basis test, courts have upheld government-mandated fingerprinting for employment and licensing purposes in connection with the taking of fingerprints for spouses of liquor licensees, male employees of alcoholic beverage wholesalers, taxi drivers, cabaret employees, bartenders, dealers in secondhand articles, all employees of member firms of national security exchanges registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and all individuals permitted unescorted access to nuclear power facilities. For example, in Utility Workers Union of America v. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, decided in 1987, a union representing some 5,170 utility workers in nuclear power plants challenged as unconstitutional that part of a newly enacted federal statute requiring that these workers be fingerprinted. The Utility Workers Union claimed the fingerprinting requirement violated the workers Fourth Amendment and privacy rights. The federal district court in the Southern District of New York disagreed and upheld the fingerprinting requirement. Citing a long string of cases, the court noted that in noncriminal contexts, the judiciary has regularly upheld fingerprinting of employees. 14 As for the union s constitutional right to privacy claim, the court quoted from a leading federal appellate court case, Iacobucci v. City of Newport: Whatever the outer limits of the right to privacy, clearly it cannot be extended to apply to a procedure the Supreme Court regards as only minimally intrusive. Enhanced protection has been held to apply only to such fundamental decisions as contraception and family living arrangements. Fingerprints have not been held to merit the same level of constitutional concern.15 Moreover, in applying the rational basis test, the federal district court noted Congressional concern over an incident of sabotage at a nuclear power plant in Virginia and concluded that using fingerprints to verify the identity and any existing criminal history of workers with access to vital areas or safeguards information is a rational method of clearing these workers. Similarly, in a 1969 case involving a challenge to a New York state regulation requiring fingerprinting of all employees of national stock exchanges, a federal district court found that possession of an individual s fingerprints does not create an atmosphere of general surveillance or indicate that they will be used for
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