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Local Area Network Management and Performance Monitoring 756 Network Management
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The max( ) and min( ) macros are defined in <stdlib.h>. These functions are not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard.
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Figure 7-14 The YQM Calendar View within the Time dimension is displayed after expanding some members.
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It s possible to take resolution-dependent bitmap images and make them larger, artificially increasing the size (and the saved file size) of the final image. However, you can t do this directly in CorelDRAW by dragging a selection handle, and you probably shouldn t once you discover the way. When a computer application is commanded to add pixels to an image, it has no real way of telling what color pixels should be added to the photograph. Not CorelDRAW, not Adobe Photoshop, no application except those lame forensic computers you see on TV can intelligently, artistically, or accurately add, for example, detail to a photo of a mailbox so the address instantly becomes crisp and legible. What you get when you perform any make this photo larger command is fake resolution ; the program averages pixel colors neighboring the original pixels to create more, similarly colored pixels. This can often lead to artifacting, what we commonly describe as there s some junk in the upper left of this photo near my aunt s face. Artifacting can be introduced to a digital photograph at any stage of photography: your camera didn t write the file correctly, the image became corrupted when you copied it to your hard drive, and/or you tried to enlarge a resolution-dependent image. The cure for the last reason here is, don t resample important images; instead, print a copy of the image at its original size and see how it looks. From there, increase its size, check for visible artifacts in your print, and if there s visible corruption, go back to your original or seriously consider reshooting the image. One of the methods CorelDRAW, PHOTO-PAINT, and other programs that can import bitmaps use to lessen and occasionally eliminate visible artifacting from resampling a photo is called anti-aliasing, and you have some control over this method, discussed later in this chapter. Anti-aliasing is a math calculation that performs averaging in a resulting photo that s been altered in areas where there is visual ambiguity (some of the pesky pixels are traveling under an alias). For example, suppose you could photograph a checkerboard plane that extends from your feet way out to the horizon. You look down toward your feet and clearly see black squares and white squares. You look at the horizon, and you do not see clear edges of the black and white squares: actually you ll see a lot of gray, as your mind blends black and white together because your eyes don t have photoreceptors fine enough to resolve the very distant black and white squares. Similarly, our computers cannot reconcile black and white areas in a digital image that are smaller than the size of the pixels in the image, so when you resample the image, they create inaccurately little black and white squares where they shouldn t be. The inaccuracy means the black and white squares are traveling as an alias and presenting themselves falsely. (Continued)
EMEMBER: It is determined at run time which version of a virtual function actually gets called. Further, this determination is based solely upon the type of the object that is being pointed to by a base class pointer.
Insert a New Report and Block
YOU TRY IT Calculate the area between y = x2 and y = 3x + 4.
Basic HTML Page Layout and Publishing
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You can use the C++ I/O system to perform file I/O. In order to perform file I/O, you must include the header <fstream> in your program. It defines several important classes and values.
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What would a Smart Home be without a security system Though most security systems are designed as stand-alone units whether they are monitored or not many can be controlled as part of a Smart Home set up, like Home Automation, Inc. s OmniLT device, shown in Figure 1-3. For example, if you re at work, you can use your web browser to check on your home security system. If one of the sensors is tripped, not only can you set your security system to contact the monitoring station, but it can also turn on your TV, stereo, the exterior lighting, and anything else you want to do to scare off would-be intruders (or at least aggravate your neighbors).
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