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A collection of gear, and sometimes the rooms containing the gear, for editing audio and video. Edit Decision List. Given a long tape (or file) containing audio or video data from a recording session or video shoot, an EDL is a series of start-points and end-points where the tape should be cut up to select the desired material. European term for an FPS.
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Women presenting for routine preventative care or urgent care visits should be routinely screened for domestic violence regardless of their socioeconomic background Has anyone close to you ever threatened to hurt you Has anyone ever hit, kicked, choked, or hurt you physically Has anyone, even your partner, ever forced you to have sex against your will Are you afraid of your partner
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the rubber stopper, a can of non-diet soft drink, and a can of diet soft drink. Record these values in the data tables. 2. Observing and Inferring Did the volume of water change when an object was placed into a graduated cylinder that was half-filled with water
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static double Parse(string str) static float Parse(string str) static long Parse(string str) static int Parse(string str) static short Parse(string str) static ulong Parse(string str) static uint Parse(string str) static ushort Parse(string str) static byte Parse(string str) static sbyte Parse(string str)
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I ll use Figure 14-2 to demonstrate the two connections that might be used to initiate a connection to the gatekeeper. If the terminal doesn t know the gatekeeper IP address, it will send a multicast to (well-known multicast address). This is a UDP multicast with a destination port number of 1718. Obviously if the terminal is on one side of an appliance and the gatekeeper is on the other side, this process will fail the appliance won t forward the multicast packets by default. Therefore, you would have to use the second solution hard-code the IP address of the gatekeeper on the client. Once the terminal knows the IP address of the gatekeeper, the terminal will set up a direct UDP connection to the gatekeeper this is the second connection listed in Figure 14-2. The source port of the terminal is a random port above 1023, and the destination port is 1719. This is commonly referred to as the RAS connection. When this connection is established, the terminal will then register its information with the gatekeeper. This information will include the identity of the terminal (like an ID, name, E.164 phone number, or some other type of alias) as well as the IP address of the terminal. Therefore, when other terminals want to contact this terminal, they can use the destination terminal alias (which is static) to find the destination IP address in order to set up a multimedia connection(s). In this sense, the registration process is somewhat like Microsoft WINS or dynamic DNS. NOTE If the gateway is connected to a higher-level interface on the appliance and the terminal is on a lower-level interface, you ll need an ACL to allow the UDP port 1719 connection.
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1. Monitoring: Riprap shall be used as a countermeasure only if accompanied by eld inspection that occurs immediately after oods and by the use of monitoring equipment during oods. 2. Critical velocities: If a 100-year ood velocity exceeds 11 ft/sec., riprap shall not be used.
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Seals (a) Cantilever stud bearing.
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Equalization. As we saw on page 29, a fully charged battery consists of pure lead plates immersed in a sulfuric acid electrolyte; a fully discharged battery consists of lead sulfate plates in pure water. If a battery is cycled short of full charge its plates will retain the last 10% of lead sulfate. Over time this lead sulfate hardens and resists both breaking down and current ow. As a result of the electrical resistance the battery shows a falsely high voltage, appearing to be fully charged when it isn t. Over time the effective capacity of the battery shrinks. The cure is equalization a controlled overcharge, during which the cells are brought back to their fully charged states. A constant current of 0.04C is applied for 4 hours, or until battery voltage rises to the manufacturer-speci ed equalization voltage for the particular battery. Overcharging forces all of the PbSO4 in each cell to be converted, so that, except for material previously lost by shedding, each cell is restored to its original condition. Overcharging also causes gassing and, in wet-acid batteries, loss of electrolyte. After equalization, wet-acid cells should be topped off with distilled water. Because of the gassing, equalization should be applied with care to sealed batteries and not at all to gelled-electrolyte batteries (see pages 40 41 for battery types). Equalization should not be performed too often, however, since overcharging also oxidizes the positive plates. It should be performed whenever cell specific gravities differ by 0.030 or more, indicating a difference in capacities of 15% to 20%. Alternatively, for batteries cycled daily, a routine equalization schedule of once per month is recommended.
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Let f be a continuous function on the interval [a, b) which is unbounded as x b . See Figure 5.2. The integral
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Figure 3-17 Status monitoring of end levels and/or power-supply status
Carrier Ethernet Demand Applications Standardization Substitutes Regulation Direct influence
Radio Waves
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