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In most cases, MFCOM can be used on Presentation Servers with no additional configuration. MFCOM is installed and registered by the installation of Presentation Server. The C:\program files\citrix\system32\mfreg.exe program can be used to register or unregister MFCOM manually on the server. To use MFCOM remotely, a utility program c:\program files\citrix\mpssdk\utils\ mfreg.exe must be used to register MFCOM as a remote server. To obtain the mfreg .exe program, download the Presentation Server SDK (MPSSDK) from the downloads section on Installing the MPSSDK package provides a prompt to register the Presentation Server. To register or unregister the DCOM client, manually use
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Asymmetry of color and structure (+) Multicomponent global pattern (1,2,3,4) Irregular dots and globules (circles) Irregular black blotch (stars) Regression (arrows)
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Purging Data from a List of Values
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Sales Volume Commission Rates: 1st commission rate:Threshold to target $25,000 $3,000,000 $1,750,000 2nd commission rate:Target to excellence $50,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000 Profit Commission Rates: 1st commission rate:Threshold to target $12,500 $1,000,000 $500,000 100 2.5% 100 5% 100 2%
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RIPv1 sends out periodic routing updates as broadcasts every 30 seconds. The
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The other advantage of PCM radios is that they grant you the ability to customize the control interface. Because the signals are being digitized and encoded, it is easy for the internal computer to perform custom mixing and scaling operations on the data before transmitting it. Known as computer radios, these units have a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and a miniature keypad that can be used to write custom programs for the controller interface. Typical settings include custom gain, and center and end points on individual controls, as well as custom mixing of two channels to generate left and right motor drive signals from a single joystick for driving skid-steer robots. When choosing a radio system, you may want to consider more than just the robot you are currently using. While the rest of a robot may be scrapped, recycled, or even completely destroyed in combat, your R/C system can be reused on robot after robot. If you intend to participate in robotic combat competition year after year, it makes sense to spend a little more on your R/C system at the start, rather than buying a low-end radio and then having to pay more on a better radio down the road. If you buy a PCM radio with at least seven channels, you will probably never have to buy another radio for as long as you are competing. Most veteran combat robot builders will recommend that if you use a traditional R/C system, you should use a PCM radio with your robot. It will save you a lot of headaches when testing and competing with your robot, since you will know that erratic motion is not due to radio interference. Tables 8-1 and 8-2 contain short lists of the available R/C systems. The column under Band, MHz lists the frequency bands these systems can use. If two different
atom a particle consisting of an inner nucleus surrounded by electrons that circle the nucleus. attenuation a reduction of optical power as photons flow down fiber. attenuation coefficient a loss of optical power per a given length of fiber commonly expressed in dB/km. , backbone cabling Baud cabling between telecommunications rooms. a rate of signal change commonly expressed in terms of Hz.
When developing multithreaded programs, you must be careful to avoid deadlock and race conditions. Deadlock is, as the name implies, a situation in which one thread is waiting for another thread to do something, but that other thread is waiting on the first. Thus, both threads are suspended, waiting for each other, and neither executes. This situation is analogous to two overly polite people both insisting that the other step through a door first! Avoiding deadlock seems easy, but it s not. For example, deadlock can occur in roundabout ways. Consider the TickTock class. As explained, if a final Pulse( ) is not executed by Tick( ) or Tock( ), then one or the other will be waiting indefinitely and the program is deadlocked. Often the cause of the deadlock is not readily understood simply by looking at the source code to the program, because concurrently executing threads can interact in complex ways at runtime. To avoid deadlock, careful programming and thorough testing is required. In general, if a multithreaded program occasionally hangs, deadlock is the likely cause. A race condition occurs when two (or more) threads attempt to access a shared resource at the same time, without proper synchronization. For example, one thread may be writing a new value to a variable while another thread is incrementing the variable s current value. Without synchronization, the new value of the variable will depend on the order in which the threads execute. (Does the second thread increment the original value or the new value written by the first thread ) In situations like this, the two threads are said to be racing each other, with the final outcome determined by which thread finishes first. Like deadlock, a race condition can occur in difficult-to-discover ways. The solution is prevention: careful programming that properly synchronizes access to shared resources.
designer may n e e d to periodically run the statistics program so that the profiles do not b e c o m e obsolete. For large databases, table profiles may be estimated on samples o f the database. U s i n g the entire database can be too time-consuming and disruptive. For column and relationship summaries, the distribution conveys the number o f rows and related rows for column values. The distribution o f values can be specified in a number o f ways. A simple way is to assume that the column values are uniformly distributed. Uni form distribution means that each value has an equal number o f rows. If the uniform value assumption is made, only the minimum and m a x i m u m values are necessary. A more detailed way to specify a distribution is to use a histogram. A histogram is a twodimensional graph in which the x-axis represents column ranges and the y - a x i s represents the number o f rows. For example, the first bar in Figure 8.4 means that 9,000 rows have a salary between $ 1 0 , 0 0 0 and $ 5 0 , 0 0 0 . Traditional equal-width histograms do not work well with skewed data because a large number o f ranges are necessary to control estimation er rors. In Figure 8.4, estimating the number o f employee rows using the first two ranges may lead to large estimation errors because more than 97 percent o f employees have salaries less than $ 8 0 , 0 0 0 . For example, y o u would calculate about 1,125 rows (12.5 percent o f 9,000) to estimate the number o f employees earning between $ 1 0 , 0 0 0 and $15j000 using Figure 8.4. However, the actual number o f rows is much lower because few employees earn less than $ 1 5 , 0 0 0 . Because skewed data can lead to poor estimates using traditional (equal-width) his tograms, most D B M S s use equal-height histograms as shown in Figure 8.5. In an equalheight histogram, the ranges are determined so that each range has about the same number o f rows. Thus the width o f the ranges varies, but the height is about the same. Most D B M S s use equal-height histograms because the m a x i m u m and expected estimation errors can be controlled by increasing the number o f ranges.
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Sales compensation works as part of a complex management process. Look to job content as the source for designing effective sales compensation plans. Locate the point of persuasion and reward the salesperson for making a difference that is where sales compensation belongs.
Layer 2 Redundancy
ciscoasa(config)# show url-block block stat URL Pending Packet Buffer Stats with max block 1 ----------------------------------------------------Cumulative number of packets held: 53 Maximum number of packets held (per URL): 1 Current number of packets held (global): 0 Packets dropped due to exceeding url-block buffer limit: Packets dropped due to | exceeding url-block buffer limit: | 78 | HTTP server retransmission: | 0 Number of packets released back to client: | 0
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