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Some other cool er I mean useful projects you can do to smarten up the exterior of your home can help your overall home security, not only from neighborhood thugs trying to make off with your Christmas decorations, but also the critters who nibble at the carrots in your vegetable garden. You can also free up your Saturday afternoons by deploying a robot to tend to the lawn. In this section, we ll take a closer look at some of these projects. Even though we won t go into the step-by-steps of installing these projects, we ll talk about them so you can decide for yourself if they are something you want to set up. Some don t integrate with the rest of the Smart Home per se, but they do perform smart functions that are unique and interesting all on their own.
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Auto Look Up This option speeds up your work by starting the process right away. Auto Close When turned on, it closes the dialog as soon as the Replace button is clicked. Spelling Assist When enabled, if the word that you selected to check in the Thesaurus is not recognized, a list of similar words from the Thesaurus is shown. Click the word that best matches the correct spelling of the word you typed, and then click Look Up. The suggestions area will contain alternatives. Synonyms This option displays synonyms of the look-up word in the list of suggested alternatives. Antonym This option displays antonyms of the look-up a lifesaver for those times when you can t think of an opposite for the word you want. Language Choose this to change which language s Thesaurus is used for the current session. This does not change the language of the text in your document, but any replacements will be set to the new language. This only works with languages you have currently installed. Set Data File Use this option to link to a different thesaurus for the current session such as a third-party-supplied one, or if you want to use a different language s thesaurus from the CorelDRAW software disc without installing writing tools for that language.
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#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> long int read_long() { char start[80], *end; printf("Enter a number: "); gets(start); return strtol(start, &end, 10); }
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The single most important idea in calculus is the idea of limit. More than 2000 years ago, the ancient Greeks wrestled with the limit concept, and they did not succeed. It is only in the past 200 years that we have finally come up with a firm understanding of limits. Here we give a brief sketch of the essential parts of the limit notion. Suppose that f is a function whose domain contains two neighboring intervals: f : (a, c) (c, b) R. We wish to consider the behavior of f as the variable x approaches c. If f (x) approaches a particular finite value as x approaches c, then we say that the function f has the limit as x approaches c. We write
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char e1[14] = "Divide by 0\n"; char e2[23] = "End-of-File\n"; char e3[21] = "Access Denied\n";
which makes it possible for you to alter the settings to your liking.
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Figure 8-5. Synchronization Point Designation not on Presentation Server
O L L O W I N G are formulas that you might find helpful in calculating drive, timing belt, and V-belt centerline distances.
/* This program illustrates the differences between int and double. */ using System; class IntVsDouble { static void Main() { ivar is of type int. int ivar; // this declares an int variable double dvar; // this declares a floating-point variable // Assign ivar the value 10. ivar = 10; // Assign dvar the value 10.0. dvar = 10.0; Console.WriteLine("Original value of ivar: " + ivar); Console.WriteLine("Original value of dvar: " + dvar); Console.WriteLine(); // print a blank line // Now, divide both by 4. ivar = ivar / 4; dvar = dvar / 4.0;
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tan(O.1)= 0.1003
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