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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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Basic HTML Page Layout and Publishing
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Balance KSOs by not letting any single measure be worth more than 50 percent and not less than 10 percent Limit KSO measures to five or fewer Select measures that impact sales results and are quantitative Provide KSO visibility through a database accessible by senior sales management
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Convert Selected Color To Spot Color
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When you drag an object onto a report, you automatically insert a new column as long as you drop it when your tooltip says Drop here to insert a cell. In some cases, you may want to insert a blank column before you drop a data object. This is typically the case when you are making room for a text-based alerter or if you wish to insert a report variable (see 22).
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This program displays the value 10. Notice that the value in x is boxed simply by assigning it to obj, which is an object reference. The integer value in obj is retrieved by casting obj to int. Here is another, more interesting example of boxing. In this case, an int is passed as an argument to the Sqr( ) method, which uses an object parameter.
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Figure 8.3 Identi cation of primary structural parts of a cable suspension bridge.
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Method public virtual int Next( ) public virtual int Next(int maxValue) public virtual int Next(int minValue, int maxValue) public virtual void NextBytes(byte[ ] buffer) public virtual double NextDouble( )
Envelope effect is immediately copied and applied to the new object, as shown here:
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FIGURE 17-10
Within a partial type that is a class or a structure, you can use partial to create a partial method. A partial method has its declaration in one part and its implementation in another part. Partial methods were added by C# 3.0. The key aspect of a partial method is that the implementation is not required! When the partial method is not implemented by another part of the class or structure, then all calls to the partial method are silently ignored. This makes it possible for a class to specify, but not require, optional functionality. If that functionality is not implemented, then it is simply ignored. Here is an expanded version of the preceding program that creates a partial method called Show( ). It is called by another method called ShowXY( ).
Part I:
// Display the digits of an integer in reverse order. using System; class DoWhileDemo { static void Main() { int num; int nextdigit; num = 198;
Planning Business Modeler is the main client component of the Planning module within PPS 2007. This is the primary interface for creating and managing business models and their associated metadata. The models that are created using Planning Business Modeler are the basic units of data storage in the Planning Server, and they integrate relevant information about a company. Using the various tools available within the Planning Business Modeler, complex planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation functions can be performed on the models. Planning Business Modeler also facilitates security management for the models and data, creation of business forms and reports, process workflow management, and association between models. Planning Business Modeler runs locally on each users computer, but all the models and schemas are centrally stored in the Planning Server. When the Planning Business Modeler is opened for the first time, it opens up with a blank environment. The first step is to connect to the computer that is running the Planning Server. To establish a connection to the Planning Server, the developer
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