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Segmentation is a way of looking at one large user base for example, all employees in a company and dividing it into smaller groups. Each segment, or smaller group, has similar characteristics, needs, or benefits. In different chapters in this book, I refer to two common segments: report authors and information consumers. Your company may have more than these two segments. Segmentation provides you a way of better understanding your users and why their requirements are different. It will help you prioritize target user groups and provide the appropriate information and functionality to achieve the highest business value. As you define different segments, you will want to tailor your product offering, promotion, implementation schedule, and training for each segment. You also may use the segments to define groups and permissions in the Central Management Console, which replaces Supervisor (see 13). Following are some characteristics that will help you segment potential BusinessObjects XI users.
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Ethernet Bridging
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How often will you use the camera and what type of photographs will you take If you use a camera infrequently to capture only images of friends and family events, your best bet may be a point-and-shoot digital camera. Will you be creating prints of your photographs If you plan to create prints of your photographs, consider purchasing a camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels or greater. The added resolution will enable you to print good-quality 8 10 images. Will you be using the camera for wildlife photography If so, consider a model with a 5X or greater optical zoom. Another useful feature for wildlife photography is a camera that will shoot several frames per second and continually focus on wildlife as it moves toward and away from you. Image stabilization, which will enable you to get sharper images when using long focal lengths or when shooting in low-light conditions, is another option to consider.
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One other point about private, protected, and public. These keywords can appear in any order and any number of times in the declaration of a class. For example, this code is perfectly valid:
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Work with Layers
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Figure 29-13.
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Since these standards were created, their capabilities and benefits have been accepted and adopted by carriers and standards organizations around the globe. These technologies have combined to create a whole new service market, the MidBand Ethernet market, that is poised to become the dominant access method for business and residential services. Mid-Band Ethernet services offer carriers a simple and natural way to extend their core and metro MPLS/Ethernet networks all the way to the customer, without the complexity and cost of TDM or ATM infrastructures. Mid-Band Ethernet is revolutionizing and expanding the copper access network. For those carriers offering Ethernet services over optical or SONET/SDH infrastructures, Mid-Band Ethernet technologies make Ethernet services available to the vast majority of customers that do not have access to fiber. Instead of Ethernet services being limited by fiber availability to less than 10 percent of potential business sites and even fewer residential customers, these services are now available to almost any subscriber location. With distance potential beyond 20 Kft (6 km), 2BASE-TL can reach almost any subscriber, providing a universal multi-megabit on-ramp to any metro Ethernet network. And with rate potential in excess of 100 Mbps, 10PASS-TS can serve the highest bandwidth applications over shorter distances. For those carriers already delivering services via ATM-based digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, Mid-Band Ethernet provides a path to simpler networks with lower operating expenses and to differentiated, higher-margin services currently out of reach using existing technologies. The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of Ethernet yields immediate savings in capital and operating expenditures. Subscribers connected to the network with 1000BASE-X Gigabit Ethernet and Mid-Band Ethernet experience the same service and are managed with the same paradigms and the same software it s all Ethernet; the only difference is the access media and the available bandwidth. The EFM copper standards leverage the best DSL layers, as defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), as the physical layers for Mid-Band Ethernet. By utilizing these existing standards, IEEE 802.3ah benefits from the high volume of DSL chipsets while significantly improving upon the original silicon by defining new and efficient mechanisms for Ethernet transport. The advances include more efficient single-line transport as well as a novel multi-pair aggregation strategy that brings a new level of resiliency and bandwidth to the access network. IEEE 802.3ah developed an encapsulation and loop aggregation technique for Ethernet, one optimized for the copper access network. As shown in the architecture diagram in Figure 5.1, the encapsulation and aggregation processes are transparent to higher layer applications they sit below the Ethernet MAC. The switching and services layer of the device can be consistent across optical, CAT5, and EFM Ethernet interfaces, giving the provider the ability to offer a consistent service offering over any type of access media.
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you to see the platform, software version, and features included in the image just by looking at the name of the image file. As an example, consider the image name from the preceding show flash command: c1841-advipservicesk9-mz.124-6.T7.bin, which is from a router. Here s an explanation of the nomenclature that Cisco uses for their IOS image names: The c1841 refers to the name of the platform on which the image will run. This is important because different router models have different processors, and an image compiled for one processor or router model will typically not run on a different model. Therefore, it is very important that you load the appropriate image on your device.
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The last string shown is "". This is called a null string. It contains only the null terminator, and no other characters. Null strings are useful because they represent the empty string. It is not necessary to manually add the null onto the end of string constants; the C++ compiler does this for you automatically. Therefore, the string "Hello" will appear in memory like this:
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Moving from Color Models to Other Ways to Define Color
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Console I/O
You can also send images that are open in the Full Edit or Quick Fix workspaces by clicking the icon that looks like a globe and envelope and choosing E-mail.
Any video game that is not a direct clone of another requires new programming. All new programming represents some technical risk, but certain areas, such as new graphics technology or artificial intelligence, are particularly tricky. Two or three
To access ASDM, start up a supported web browser, and type in the HTTPS URL to access your appliance, like this:
Fig. 7.5 A Simple AC Circuit
Mini sumo body assembly
Complete arrow object inside container
1. In one 400-mL beaker, put 300 g of water. In 2.
Section III: Topics in Obstetrics
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