C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide in visual C#.net

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Figure 26-5: An E-1 frame format
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When applications (or full desktops) are published through Web Interface, users access them via a web browser. This method is very easy for end users because they only have to know a URL address (or have it bookmarked or linked to) to connect and run a XenApp published application. Users only see the applications that have been published to them by the administrator (using the Citrix Management Console as well as users and groups from Active Directory, Novell NDS, or Novell eDirectory). No client configuration is required by the end user. Web Interface supports Macintosh, UNIX, and Windows client types, as well as Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer web browsers. Figure 15-1 shows a typical Citrix Web Interface access site. This client requires the presence of the following on client devices: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 through 7.0; Netscape Navigator 4.78 and 6.2 through 7.1; Mozilla Firefox 1.0 through 1.5. In many organizations, home-based and traveling users need remote access that must also support remote users from all departments who may need to work from home on nights and weekends. These remote users are usually road-warrior salespeople and company executives. Home users have a large variety of client and operating system configurations, including Macintosh, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista machines. Remote users need access to Outlook e-mail and their Microsoft Office applications and files. In addition to these applications, sales groups need access to their
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Creating a Dimensional Drawing Through Transparency
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Generalization hierarchies and M-way associative entity types are specialized data model ing constructs. A typical novice mistake is to use them inappropriately. You should not use generalization hierarchies just because an entity can exist in multiple states. For example, the requirement that a project task can be started, in process, or complete does not indicate the need for a generalization hierarchy. If there is an established classification and specialized attributes and relationships for subtypes, a generalization hierarchy is an appropriate tool. A n M-way associative entity type (an associative entity type representing an M-way re lationship) should be used w h e n the database is to record combinations o f three (or more) objects rather than just combinations o f two objects. In most cases, only combinations o f two objects should be recorded. For example, if a database needs to record the skills pro vided by an employee and the skills required by a project, binary relationships should be used. If a database needs to record the skills provided by employees for specific projects, an M - w a y associative entity type is needed. N o t e that the former situation with binary rela tionships is much more c o m m o n than the latter situation represented by an M-way associa tive entity type.
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This version produces the same output as the earlier version. The only difference is how the query is created. In this version, the query methods are used. Here is another example. Recall the join query used in the JoinDemo example shown earlier:
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( x - xcg ) ( y - y ) dm = 0 cg rigid body
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A page Grid is a customizable, by default nonprinting overlay that extends beyond the printable page onto the pasteboard area at all viewing resolutions and viewing qualities. It s not only an excellent visual reference for scaling and aligning objects vertically and horizontally, but it also can be used in combination with CorelDRAW s Snap To Grid option. To make the grid visible, right-click with the Pick Tool over an empty area of the page, and then choose View | Grid from the pop-up menu. To modify the Grid, right-click over either Ruler or the Ruler origin, and then choose Grid Setup.
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Part I:
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Stateful Failover: Serial Cable & State Cable
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
join entry in statusList on item.ItemNumber equals entry.ItemNumber
Most learners expect direct action and hope for a positive result from the coaching experience; otherwise, they would not have engaged in coaching. Although most learners don t expect any actionable results until they have had several coaching sessions, they still want to feel that something productive has occurred at each coaching meeting. However, the Body Center styles Eight, Nine, and One expect concrete, direct action very early on in the coaching process, even if these are small action steps, and they want assurance that the coaching results will yield productive action. Although developers can give verbal reassurances that concrete action will result from the coaching, Body Center styles primarily trust what they experience. For this reason, developers need to build action into every coaching meeting. At the end of every meeting, the developer can ask, What have you learned from today s conversation and What actions will you take as a result Then, at the start of the next meeting, the developer can ask, What has taken place since we last spoke, and what actions have you taken during this time Taking the time to assess progress and action steps at regular intervals is important for individuals of all Enneagram styles, but especially for the Body Center styles.
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