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(Weak Entities
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Business Writing for Results
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Multiplex Descriptor In multimedia communications, different media streams can be carried on different bearer channels. The multiplex descriptor specifies the association between media streams and bearers. The following multiplex types are supported: H.221. H.223, H.226, V.76, and Nx64K. Media Descriptor The media descriptor describes the various media streams. This is a hierarchical descriptor in that it contains an overall descriptor, known as the termination state descriptor, which is applicable to the termination in general and it contains a number of stream descriptors applicable to each media stream. Furthermore, each stream descriptor also contains up to three subordinate descriptors, known respectively as the local control descriptor, the local descriptor, and the remote descriptor. This type of hierarchy may be represented by the following list: Media descriptor Termination state descriptor Stream descriptor Local control descriptor Local descriptor Remote descriptor
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Figure 8-3
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b. Packet over SONET/SDH Services
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Replicated Database Issues
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Work Backwards with Your Home Entertainment System
Part Three
Fundamentally, a protocol analyzer acquires data from the network and then analyzes that data. Thus the analysis and acquisition system is the core of a protocol analyzer. This system is responsible for transferring data from the line interface to the capture buffer, ensuring that all error conditions, the protocol state information, and
A Simple Query
Self Test Answers
This following fragment associates a programmer-defined buffer with the stream pointed to by fp:
Bill Gates s Profile in Courage
Figure 17-6. Policy filters
Sequential Files
Part I:
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November 1 2006 11:00:01 asa1: %ASA-6-302014: Teardown TCP connection 395 for outside: to duration 00:00:21 bytes 484 TCP Reset 0
Companies spend billions of dollars a year producing printed information, much of which requires unwieldy indexes and other reference material merely to make it accessible. In addition, much of it becomes out of date in a very short time. Corporate and product information is moving more and more to the Internet but, for large publications or those that benefit from a graphic or video element, Blu-ray provides a cost-effective means of distribution coupled with improved access to the content. Blu-ray is also a high-impact business-to-business communications tool. It can be used as a standalone no instructions needed communication device or it can back up an in-person
Glyph nodes
addresses to a single address, using the source TCP/UDP port number to differentiate connections.
// Some string operations. using System; class StrOps { static void Main() { string str1 = "When it comes to .NET programming, C# is #1."; string str2 = string.Copy(str1); string str3 = "C# strings are powerful."; string strUp, strLow; int result, idx; Console.WriteLine("str1: " + str1); Console.WriteLine("Length of str1: " + str1.Length); // Create upper- and lowercase versions of str1. strLow = str1.ToLower(); strUp = str1.ToUpper(); Console.WriteLine("Lowercase version of str1:\n strLow); Console.WriteLine("Uppercase version of str1:\n strUp); Console.WriteLine(); // Display str1, one char at a time. Console.WriteLine("Display str1, one char at a time."); for(int i=0; i < str1.Length; i++) Console.Write(str1[i]); Console.WriteLine("\n"); // Compare strings. if(str1 == str2) Console.WriteLine("str1 == str2"); else Console.WriteLine("str1 != str2"); if(str1 == str3) Console.WriteLine("str1 == str3"); else Console.WriteLine("str1 != str3");
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