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Figure 13.11 SONET network spans.
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Packet Source FEC = F Router R1
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TABLE 7-11
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Switch Startup
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16.5.1 Preventing problems
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With the cursor already placed in the cell or cells that you want to name, click on the Name Box, type the range name, and press Enter. Here, cell B3 has been named TaxRate. This quick shortcut is good for naming any size range. Let s build on this with an example of calculating Provision for taxes line:
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This represents IPSec and WebVPN remote access user
Nothing will get you into more trouble than a "wild" pointer! Pointers are a mixed blessing. They give you tremendous power and are useful for a number of different operations. But, when a pointer accidentally contains the wrong value, it can be the most difficult bug to track down. Bugs caused by bad pointers are hard to find because often the pointer itself does not exhibit the problem. Instead, the problem shows itself only indirectly, perhaps several steps after you have performed a pointer operation. For example, if a pointer accidentally points to the wrong data, then a pointer operation may alter this data, but the problem associated with this unintended alteration will not manifest itself until later in the program s execution. This may lead you to look for the bug in the wrong place. By the time the problem is evident, there may be little or no indication that the pointer was the original cause of the problem. For this reason, pointer bugs have caused programmers to lose sleep time and time again. Since pointer problems are so troublesome, let s look at some ways they can happen, and how they can be avoided.
used by the preceding examples. ParameterizedThreadStart is a delegate that is declared as shown here: public delegate void ParameterizedThreadStart(object obj) As you can see, this delegate takes an argument of type object. Therefore, to use this form of the Thread constructor, the thread entry point method must have an object parameter. Here is an example that demonstrates the passing of an argument to a thread:
5. PPP can do all of the following except __________. A. authentication B. compression
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Reconfigurable Add-Drop Rings
Fast Ethernet (100Base-T) is fundamentally the same technology as Ethernet, using CSMA/CD and operating at 100 Mbps over fiber or high-grade unshielded twistedpair. Fast Ethernet connections often are used to connect high-usage nodes, such as servers or routers, to an Ethernet switch in order to relieve traffic congestion that otherwise might tend to occur there. The data throughput of 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet is ten times as great as 10 Mbps Ethernet. The performance parameters for Fast Ethernet are the same as those of Ethernet with one exception: When either Ethernet or Fast Ethernet is used to connect only two nodes in a switched environment, either type can be run in a full-duplex mode with no device contention or collisions.
When lled, the values in the Date eld should look like this.
This program produces the following output:
Code errors Frame errors Parity errors
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