3: Program Control Statements in visual C#

Display code 128 barcode in visual C# 3: Program Control Statements

A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
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Section V: Review Questions and Answers
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3: Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
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This program displays the value of 1423 in hexadecimal (58f):
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As you saw in the bootup code example, the bootstrap program went out and found the IOS and loaded it. The bootstrap program goes through the following steps when trying to locate and load the IOS image: 1. Examine the configuration register value. This value is a set of four hexadecimal digits. The last digit affects the bootup process. If the last digit is between 0x2 and 0xF, then the router proceeds to the next step. Otherwise, the router uses the values shown in Table 16-1 to determine how it should proceed next.
can be written using a compound assignment as
new network. Typically the physical medium or media are tested with transmission test tools; then protocol services are tested with a protocol analyzer. The protocol testing focuses on verifying proper protocol exchanges and simulating network scenarios. Maintenance. Once installed, the network must be maintained, extended, and optimized for performance. Protocol analysis capabilities are included in network management systems, distributed monitoring tools, and dispatched analyzers. Testing in the maintenance phase concentrates on gathering and examining protocol frames to find errors and on gathering performance statistics. Often finger-pointing situations develop between different vendors who have implemented different parts of the network. These situations can be resolved by collecting data that isolates the problem with a protocol analyzer. 24.4 Tools for Managing Networks Protocol analysis measurement capability is embedded into many commercially available products, providing users with the ability to monitor network performance and to troubleshoot network problems. Figure 24.5 shows the four classes of tools used to troubleshoot networks:
6. 7.
Looking at your drawing with a lens effect object resting above it is like looking through a window or a magnifying glass. What you see through the lens effect object is influenced by the properties of the glass. For example, tinted glass in the real world makes objects in the distance appear darker this phenomenon can be easily simulated with the Lens effect set to Color Limit and applied to a 50 percent black object. The remarkable thing about Lens effects is that it doesn t matter whether a Lens effect object is over a vector drawing or over a bitmap you ll get the same results. One of the more popular uses of this feature is to partially overlap a shape possessing a Lens effect over a drawing area, to see affected and original areas at once. In addition to putting a Lens effect shape over a drawing area, you can freeze the lens object, capturing whatever s underneath the lens, and then move the lens object around, retaining the original view within the object.
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