C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide in .net C#

Integration Code 128 Code Set A in .net C# C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide

Part I:
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Connecting wires to the temperature sensor
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The do-while Loop
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A Better Universe
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j If you work with clients, have them sign off on every graphic and menu before
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Nested filters within a report are new in Web Intelligence (see Figure 19-7). Previously, you could create a nested filter in a query but not within a report. You use nested filters when you need to group sets of conditions. For example, you have seen that stores in New York and California have the highest sales. They may be missing revenue targets only when sales are below 700,000 in a given quarter. For smaller stores, though, the revenue target would be much lower, at say 250,000 per quarter. To identify stores that are missing their revenue targets, you want to filter the report for (New York and California with revenue less than 700,000) or (stores in other states with revenue less than 250,000).
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Fewer compatibility issues Instead of requiring a narrow choice of workstations, web-based applications can run on nearly every kind of workstation, including Unix, Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.
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Page Width and Height For a custom page size, type specific values directly into the Page Width and Height boxes, and then press ENTER. Both page width and height values can be between 0.00333 and 1,800 inches. Landscape/Portrait Orientation Clicking either Portrait or Landscape in the Property Bar while using the Pick Tool (and no objects selected) sets the page orientation. If the page width you enter is smaller than the page height entered, the orientation is automatically set to Portrait, and vice versa for Landscape. Changing from Portrait to Landscape (or vice versa) automatically switches the values in the Page Width and Height fields. Set For All Pages/Set For Current Page Only In CorelDRAW X4, you can create a document up to 999 pages long, with different pages set to any size or orientation. The Set For All Pages and Set Current Page Only buttons operate in either/or fashion like the orientation buttons, enabling you to set the page size either for all pages in your document at once (the default) or only for the current page. To set only the current page to be different from the others in your document, click the lower of these two buttons and set your new page size and orientation as needed. Other pages in the document aren t resized when you choose this option.
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Drawings are accompanied by standard word documents describing revisions therein. Drawings are posted to a project website, ftp site, or a document collaboration site determined by the team which includes the GC, subcontractors, owner, and A/E team. The collaboration site provides secure and remote access to all the model files. A clear file path structure is set up on the server to organize the model files and other relevant documents. Everyone works from and posts to the same server. The server is backed up every night. Borders and title blocks are not transmitted with the drawings. Insertion points for all drawings are based on the 0,0,0 insertion point established in the architectural drawings. Anything not intended to be seen in the drawing is erased prior to file transfer.
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Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
Figure 7-26 The SACK chunk format
Here, strOb is assigned to iOb. However, strOb refers to an object that contains a string, not an integer. This assignment is syntactically valid because all NotGeneric references are of the same type. Thus, any NotGeneric reference can refer to any NotGeneric object. However, the statement is semantically wrong, as the commented-out line shows. In that line, the return type of GetOb( ) is cast to int and then an attempt is made to assign this value to v. The trouble is that iOb now refers to an object that stores a string, not an int. Unfortunately, without the use of generics, the compiler won t catch this error. Instead, a runtime exception will occur when the cast to int is attempted. To see this for yourself, try removing the comment symbol from the start of the line, and then compiling and running the program. A runtime error will occur. The preceding sequence can t occur when generics are used. If this sequence were attempted in the generic version of the program, the compiler would catch it and report an error, thus preventing a serious bug that results in a runtime exception. The ability to create type-safe code in which type-mismatch errors are caught at compile time is a key advantage of generics. Although using object references to create generic code has always been possible in C#,
CHAPTER 6 Transcendental Functions
97. Give the trapezoidal rule approximation to the integral uniform partition having four intervals. 2 2 2 2 2 (a) [1/4] e 0 + 2e (1/2) + 4e (1) + 2e (3/2) + e 2 (b) e 0 + 2e (1/2) + 2e (1) + 2e (3/2) + e 2
The RowIndex function returns the number of a row in a table starting with 0 as the first row and incrementing on each subsequent data row.
Using the Color Palette
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