C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide in C#.net

Implementation barcode 128 in C#.net C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide

Console.WriteLine("There are " + ci + " cubic inches in cubic mile."); } }
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RTSP Layer 7 Class Maps
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Line Loads Column A Column B
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Base-Level Frame Structure The major difference between the SDH and SONET standards is the base-level signal, from which all other signals are byte-multiplexed. The next two sections deal with these two frame types.
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Value Syntax normal | small-caps | inherit Initial Value normal
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Box design The design of a game s box is important to help sell the game, so this is traditionally a marketing activity. They ll take all the pictures and lay out the text. In some cases, the marketing department considers everything except the contents of the CD or DVD itself their responsibility, so they ll write the manual, too.
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Part II:
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Analyzing the Data
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Introducing Classes and Objects
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class Derived1 : Base { // Override Who() in a derived class. public override void Who() { Console.WriteLine("Who() in Derived1"); } } class Derived2 : Base { // This class does not override Who(). } class NoOverrideDemo { static void Main() { Base baseOb = new Base(); Derived1 dOb1 = new Derived1(); Derived2 dOb2 = new Derived2(); Base baseRef; // a base class reference baseRef = baseOb; baseRef.Who(); baseRef = dOb1; baseRef.Who(); baseRef = dOb2; baseRef.Who(); // calls Base's Who() } }
Data Store Design and Recommendations
Acronym Full Name, Meaning
The Creation of C#
Random Access Files
Once assembled, a concatenated SPE is multiplexed, switched, and transported through the network as a single entity.
Cable System Network Design Considerations
Return on investment (ROI) is another measure of success and one that is often used to fund the project. While it is fairly easy to measure the cost of the BusinessObjects implementation (the investment portion), it is not easy to measure the return. As you saw in the preceding section, it s debatable how much of a revenue increase you can attribute to BusinessObjects versus other factors. Even when ROI is used to fund a project, companies rarely go back and measure the actual ROI. It is a precise number derived from imprecise inputs. IDC first published a study on the ROI for data warehouses in 1996. IDC determined the average three-year ROI was 401 percent for the 62 projects measured. The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) published a study in 2000, showing an ROI of 300 percent. While 47 companies participated in the study, less than a quarter measured ROI. In December 2002, IDC released another ROI study focusing on the value of business analytics, the applications that reside on top of a data warehouse. The average ROI was 431 percent, and the median was 112 percent, with less than a year payback period. Some companies had returns of more than 2000 percent, and IDC reported that the most successful projects were when the business analytics implementation corresponded with business process improvements. As business intelligence moves from departmental solutions to enterprise applications, some companies have measured the ROI for efforts to standardize on a single BI platform. According to the TDWI survey I co-authored, mentioned previously, only 9 percent of companies surveyed (43 out of 460 respondents) have measured the ROI for standardizing on a BI platform. The estimated average three-year ROI is 60 percent, with an annual savings of $781,724. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, an early adopter of XI Release 2, estimated its ROI for standardizing and migration to the new platform at 150 percent for a three-year period. With ROI being such an imprecise measure, it s not surprising many companies never go back and calculate it for a business intelligence implementation. You know your project is successful according to all the other measures of success described in the preceding sections. Nonetheless, it is a number that provides a basis for comparison to other BI implementations and IT initiatives. It also is a measure well understood by finance users, a significant group of BusinessObjects users. In this respect, knowing your approximate ROI is a useful tool in promoting BusinessObjects. The basic formula for calculating ROI over a three-year period is ROI = [(NPV Cost Reduction + Revenue Contribution )/Initial Investment] x 100 Net Present Value (NPV) considers the time value of money. In simplistic terms, if the company had one million dollars to deposit in a bank today, next year, assuming a meager five-percent interest, it would be worth $1,050,000. The formula to calculate NPV of a threeyear cost or revenue is NPV = F/(1 + r)+ F/(1 + r)2 + F/(1 + r)3
Setting the Outline for All New Objects
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