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ciscoasa# show vpn-sessiondb Active Sessions: IPSec LAN-to-LAN : 0 IPSec Remote Access : 0 WebVPN : 0 SSL VPN Client (SVC) : 0 Email Proxy : 0 summary Session Information: Peak Concurrent : 0 IPSec Limit : 750 WebVPN Limit : 500 Cumulative Sessions : 0
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MATH NOTE A nice, geometrical way to think about the condition that each x in
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stadiums or teams yet created. As a general rule, though, about 80 percent of the content ought to be done, because most of your team s effort after alpha is spent on tuning and bugfixing. There s not enough time left to be creating large amounts of new material. Alpha is a make-or-break point for the game. For external developers, it s normally an important milestone and triggers a big payment. The publisher s next step will be to commit a lot of resources to testing the game, and to start ramping up the marketing. Before they take that step, they are likely to take a long, hard look and make sure that the game is really fun enough to succeed in the marketplace. A fair number of projects make it all the way to alpha and get killed because, even though they re competently built, the publisher doesn t believe they can compete. Remember, the amount the publisher spends on marketing may be several times what they ve already spent on development. If they kill a mediocre product at this point, they save all that marketing money. If they let a mediocre product go forward and it tanks, they ve lost much more than just the development costs. Once a publisher has made the decision to go forward, the game is in alpha-test. This is a period of internal testing by the publisher, developer, or both together. A few weeks before alpha, a testing manager will create a test plan, a master document listing all the tests to be run to check each feature. Testers will be hired, or reassigned from other projects, to execute the test plan. The number varies with the size and importance of the project, but it s not unusual to have 25 or 30 testers working full-time on a single game. The testing manager will also set up a bug database to keep track of bugs that the testers have found. Every time a bug is logged, the programmers will have to deal with it, and when done, claim that it has been fixed. The testing manager doesn t take the programmer s word for it, however! The bug remains open, that is, flagged as a problem, until a tester has re-tested for it and verified that the fix really worked. Alpha testing can go on for weeks or even months. It s a hard, grueling time. The bugs seem to come in an endless stream, and the programmers develop a secret hatred of the testers and the bug database. In the meantime, the artists, audio people, and other content providers are hurrying to provide the remainder of the data needed to complete the game.
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Depending on the modeling assumptions, these itemized costs can vary dramatically. Let s take central office costs as an example: is an allocated share of the OLT the only cost included; or must the model also account for the costs of the PSTN gateway, the video distribution network, connections to ISPs, central office real estate and facilities, and so on In other words, which elements of the network must be charged to the EPON deployment and which can be treated as sunk costs Similar decisions must be made in modeling the costs of the outside plant, and it is worth noting that outside plant costs traditionally dominate such a deployment, with labor costs representing the largest component. Even though we cannot construct a generic bottom-up model here, we can get a top-down estimate for the magnitude of per-subscriber costs by using a 2005 published report on planned fiber-access spending by NTT, which stated that NTT foresaw investing $42 billion over a period of five years to provide fiber-based services to 30 million homes and businesses [23]. This leads to a simple estimate of $1410 per subscriber. Although this single number does not shed any light on the constituent costs or on what will be treated as sunk costs for this deployment, it is in line with typical estimates for EPON/FTTH per-subscriber costs.
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The bits in fdate are encoded like this:
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The US Department of Defense Fuel Cell Program
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2. Choose Edit | Symbol | New Symbol. This command defines your object(s) as a symbol
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As explained, in C# all variables must be declared. Normally, a declaration includes the type of the variable, such as int or bool, followed by the name of the variable. However, beginning with C# 3.0, it is possible to let the compiler determine the type of a variable based on the value used to initialize it. This is called an implicitly typed variable. An implicitly typed variable is declared using the keyword var, and it must be initialized. The compiler uses the type of the initializer to determine the type of the variable. Here is an example:
tunnel.) R2C pops the stack and forwards the packet to R3 with only one label. R3 uses the label to route to R4. In fact, R3, being the penultimate LSR in the overall LSP, may also pop the stack and pass the packet to R4 unlabeled. The scenario depicted in Figure 8-22 is effectively an LSP nested within another LSP. The MPLS architecture enables multiple levels of nesting, which can be useful in many situations. Consider again our transatlantic VoIP provider. That provider might want to send more than just VoIP traffic between the two countries. In addition to the actual revenue-generating VoIP traffic, we can easily imagine a situation where the Information Technologies (IT) department must send billing information, and the Network Operations department needs to send network alarm and provisioning data. Each department could have its own IP networks on either side of the Atlantic. The company as a whole could purchase service from an international IP network operator, with its total traffic carried in a tunnel through the international IP operator s network. Within that tunnel, each department s traffic would be carried within its own tunnel, as depicted in Figure 8-23.
Here is a very simple function macro to get you started. It converts a temperature from the Fahrenheit scale to the Celsius scale. Let s call it ConvertFtoC: Function ConvertFtoC(Arg1) ConvertFtoC=(Arg1-32)*5/9 End Function Write this on a module sheet. For the moment, all you need to know is that the Arg1 is an argument. You can use any name of your own choosing instead of Arg1. Now go to the worksheet part, select a cell anywhere, and write. Within the parentheses in the worksheet, enter the number you want to convert or the cell address holding the number to convert: =ConvertFToC(68) or =ConvertFtoC(B1) where the cell B1 holds the number 68. When you do this, the cell returns the value of 20. Yes, 68 degrees Farenheit has just been converted to 20 degrees Celsius. You write the function in the worksheet in exactly the same way it is defined in the function macro. VBA makes the automatic connection between the value in the parentheses in the worksheet function and the function macro s argument Arg1 and makes the function work.
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Figure 7-16 The nucleotide bases. There are five main nucleotide bases found in nucleic acids. They are divided into two main categories: (a). Pyrimidines, including cytosine, thymine, and uracil. (b) Purines, including adenine and guanine. (Courtesy of Biochemistry Demystified.)
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Logon Agent
Developing Applications Using the IDE
(a) Eccentrically located rollers.
(Figure 6.24). It can be shown that d 1 1 Sec x = , |x| > 1. dx |x| x 2 1 The function Csc x is defined to be the restriction of Csc x to the set [ /2, 0) (0, /2]. The graph is exhibited in Figure 6.25. Then Csc x is oneto-one. For these values of the x variable, the sine function takes on all values in the interval [ 1, 1] except for 0. Therefore Csc takes on all values greater 1 than or equal to 1 and all values less than or equal to 1; Csc therefore has domain ( , 1] [1, ) and takes values in [ 1, 0) (0, 1] (Figure 6.26). It is possible to show that 1 d 1 , |x| > 1. Csc x = dx |x| x 2 1
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