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// Access a vector using an iterator. #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; int main() { vector<char> v; // create zero-length vector int i; // put values into a vector for(i=0; i<10; i++) v.push_back('A' + i); // can access vector contents using subscripting for(i=0; i<10; i++) cout << v[i] << " "; cout << endl;
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What is fetal bradycardia
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(C/CTB)n = (C/CTB)n=1 20 log n
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VoIP and SS7
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Remember these six steps when trying to determine whether an IP address is a network, host, or directed broadcast number.
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To ensure public safety and to protect the capital investment in bridges over water, underwater structural members must be inspected to the extent necessary to determine their structural condition with certainty. Underwater inspections must include the streambed for evaluating erosion.
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Conventional, wet-acid automotive starting batteries are engineered to supply extremely high currents (200 to 1,000 amps) for periods of just a few seconds. In spite of the high current, the duration is so short that the amount of energy drawn (amps hours, or Ah) is small. Used in this way, automotive starting batteries are typically discharged only a few percent of their capacity before returning to the oat state. The rate at which current can be drawn is proportional to plate area, so starting batteries are constructed with a large number of thin lead plates sandwiched between paper or plastic separator plates. When cycled deeply, battery plate material is shed. Since starting battery plates are so thin to start with, deep cycling will result in short life. Don t be fooled by warranties of 60 or more months or names such as Die-Hard. While fine for starting the engine, if used to power your cabin lights and other house loads, you will be replacing this type of battery every season or two. Used only to start the engine, provided they are recharged immediately after use, they make a good combination with a large, deepcycle house battery. Deep-cycle, wet-acid batteries have fewer but thicker plates designed for regular discharge to 50% or less of capacity. The largest users of such batteries are not boats but golf carts and forklifts, which require large currents and capacities, in addition to the ability to cycle thousands of times. Such batteries have the maximum cycling potential and are ideally suited to cruising boats with heavy house loads and long seasons, provided their owners are willing to spend the time monitoring and maintaining them. In a well-equipped cruising boat, a deep-cycle house bank will also have sufficient cold-cranking capacity to start the engine. If, as recommended, the house batteries are separated into two banks, there is little need for a dedicated engine-starting battery.
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originally implemented to hide distortion at the edges. Television technology has improved to the point where overscan isn t usually necessary, but it is still used. Most televisions have an overscan of about 4 to 5 percent. Anyone producing video intended for television display must be mindful of overscan, making sure that nothing important is at the edge of the picture. It should be noted that when DVD-Video or Blu-ray Disc content is displayed on a computer there is no overscan and the entire picture is visible.
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Incline angle O 0 34' 1 9' 1 43' 2 17' 2 52' 3 26' 4 34' 5 43' 8 32' 11 19' 14 2' 16 42' 19 17' 21 48' 24 14'
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Part III:
Like anything else we buy, purchasing Smart Home components can be expensive or it can be cheap. Think of it like going to a car dealership. The brand-new models are out front, shining in the sun under the pennant streamers and giant inflatable gorilla. As you move toward the back of the lot where fewer and fewer salesman storm you you find that the cars are a little older, a little less shiny, and a little less expensive. There are two different kinds of cars for sale both provide the same basic function (transportation), but they offer different amenities by way of features. The same is true of anything you buy, and it is also true of Smart Home components. That s not to say that Smart Home retailers are going to try and sell you stuff that is used or ineffective, but there are different models with different features. For example, as shown in Figure 3-2, Sony sells a five-component universal remote control for US$39.99. This is a bare-bones remote that allows simple control of five devices with no frills. On the other end of the spectrum, Sony also sells
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public bool ContainsKey(TKey key) public bool ContainsValue(TValue value) public bool Remove(TKey key)
1. From within Designer, choose Tools | Manage Security | Manage Access Restrictions or click Manage Access Restrictions from the toolbar. 2. Under Available Restrictions, click New to create a new set of restrictions. 3. In the Restriction Name box, enter European Data. 4. Select the Table Mapping tab. 5. Click Add. 6. Use the Select button to launch the table browser or enter the default table name in the universe. This is the name of the table that you will be replacing. If you use the Table Browser, click OK to return to the New Table Mapping dialog box, shown next.
Ring-like pattern (white boxes) Fish scale-like pattern (black boxes) Parallel pattern (arrows)
Table 5-6 puts the Cd and A values for actual vehicles together and calculates their drag force for seven different vehicle speeds. Notice that drag force is lowest on a small car and greatest on the small pickup, but the small car might not have the room to mount the batteries to deliver the performance that you need. Notice also that an open cockpit roadster, even though it has a small frontal area A, has drag force identical to the pickup truck. To use Table 5-5 and Table 5-6 with your EV, pick out your vehicle type in Table 5-6, then multiply its drag force number by the relative wind factor at the identical vehicle speed using the appropriate Crw row for your vehicle type. For example, the 3,800-lb. Ford Ranger pickup truck of 10 has a drag force of 24.86 lbs. at 30 mph using Table 5-6. Multiplying by the relative wind factor of 0.250 from the bottom row (Crw 5 1.6) of Table 5-5 gives you 6.22 pounds. Your total aerodynamic drag forced is then 24.86 1 6.22 or 31.08 pounds.
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