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The physical database design phase, like the distributed database design phase, is con cerned with an efficient implementation. Unlike distributed database design, physical data base design is concerned with performance at one computer location only. If a database is distributed, physical design decisions are necessary for each location. An efficient implementation minimizes response time without using too many resources such as disk space and main memory. Because response time is difficult to directly measure, other measures such as the amount of disk input-output activity is often used as a substitute. In the physical database design phase, two important choices are about indexes and data placement. An index is an auxiliary file that can improve performance. For each column of a table, the designer decides whether an index can improve performance. An index can improve performance on retrievals but reduce performance on updates. For example, indexes on the primary keys (StdNo and LoanNo in Figure 2.5) can usually improve per formance. For data placement, the designer decides how data should be clustered or located close together on a disk. For example, performance might improve by placing student rows near the rows of associated loans. 8 describes details of physical database design including index selection and data placement. Splitting Conceptual Design for Large Projects
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(b) Modified trapezoidal curve.
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WORKPLACE BEHAVIORS Adore idea generation Like everything to be positive Are in perpetual motion Dislike restraints, needing to keep themselves constantly stimulated Have dif culty focusing
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What factors must be considered when choosing the appropriate treatment regimen What type of medical therapy is most effective for endometriosis
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C# defines nine integer types: char, byte, sbyte, short, ushort, int, uint, long, and ulong. However, the char type is primarily used for representing characters, and it is discussed later in this chapter. The remaining eight integer types are used for numeric calculations. Their bit-width and ranges are shown here:
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Creating a Generic Iterator
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12.16.3 Recommendations for New Bridge Design Based on Investigation of Failures
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The prototype for longjmp( ) is in <setjmp.h>. The longjmp( ) instruction causes program execution to resume at the point of the last call to setjmp( ). These two functions create a way to jump between functions. The longjmp( ) function operates by resetting the stack to the state defined in envbuf, which must have been set by a prior call to setjmp( ). This causes program execution to resume at the statement following the setjmp( ) invocation. That is, the computer is tricked into thinking that it never left the function that called setjmp( ). (As a somewhat graphic explanation, the longjmp( ) function warps across time and [memory] space to a previous point in your program without having to perform the normal function-return process.)
In global-to-local translation, the packets are being translated from the outside to the inside. Here are the steps the IOS takes in processing a packet from an outside interface to an inside interface, including any necessary address translation: 1. If an inbound ACL is applied to the inbound interface, the ACL is processed. 2. If you have IPSec configured on the router, the packet is compared to the crypto ACLs and any necessary de-encryption is performed on protected packets. 3. If any inbound rate limit policies are configured, these are processed and enforced. 4. If input accounting is enabled, it is performed. 5. If the traffic matches an address translation policy, the global-to-local translation takes place. 6. If policy routing is configured, this is performed. 7. The packet is routed to the correct interface. 8. If you ve configured IPSec, crypto ACLs are checked to see whether the packet needs to traverse a tunnel to a remote destination; if so, the packet is marked for encryption. 9. If an outbound ACL on the outside interface is configured, the packet is checked to make sure it is allowed to leave the router. 10. If context-based access control (CBAC) is configured, the inspection process on the packet takes place. 11. If TCP intercept is configured, the packet is compared to the thresholds to deal with TCP SYN flood attacks. 12. If encryption is necessary, it is performed. 13. The packet is queued up on the inside interface and then processed.
optical recording standards, upgrade capabilities also provide an avenue for you to add new features to your disc recorder, as well, as the industry adopts new standards and protocols.
Optical wireless technology consists of a method for data transmission and reception using light signals over free space. Unlike fiber-optic communication, in which the medium is a fiber-optic cable, FSO uses free space as its medium. An FSO system consists of three key subsystems, each of which has achieved maturity as a technology in its own right.
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