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Although the preceding example used static methods, a delegate can also refer to instance methods. It must do so, however, through an object reference. For example, here is a rewrite of the previous example, which encapsulates the string operations inside a class called StringOps:
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The business process, department, or application that is the subject of the audit needs to be identified. Usually, a span of time needs to be identified as well so that activities or transactions during that period can be examined.
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This final commission technique for sales representatives is not really a unique commission formula, but, instead, a method to use commission plans for a stratified sales organization. Sales force stratification segments customers into categories such as size and/or potential. For example, the larger opportunities are placed in global accounts, mid-sized accounts are grouped into major accounts, and the remaining smaller accounts are grouped by geographic territories and may be labeled as general business. Stratification groups sales territories by size. From a sales compensation perspective, this configuration supports the use of commission plans because territories of like size are grouped in the same category. Each job category has its own commission rate correctly sized to the volume opportunity and target incentive opportunity for that category. Figure 5-34 shows that the larger territories have lower commission rates than the smaller territories. However, the volumes are much larger, assuring a higher payout for the large territories, even though the effective commission rate is lower.
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The value of tm_isdst will be positive if daylight saving time is in effect, 0 if it is not in effect, and negative if there is no information available. The foundation for C++'s time and date functions is time( ), which has this prototype: time_t time(time_t *curtime); The time( ) function returns the current calendar time. It can be called either with a null pointer or with a pointer to a variable of type time_t. If the latter is used, then the variable pointed to by curtime will also be assigned the current calendar time. To convert the calendar time into broken-down time, use localtime( ), which has this prototype: struct tm *localtime(const time_t *curtime); The localtime( ) function returns a pointer to the broken-down form of curtime, in the form of a tm structure. The time is represented in local time. The curtime value is generally obtained through a call to time( ). The structure used by localtime( ) to hold the broken-down time is internally allocated by the localtime( ) function and is overwritten each time the function is called. If you want to save the contents of the structure, you must copy it elsewhere. The following program demonstrates the use of time( ) and localtime( ) by displaying the current system time:
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Suppose you and a few friends have put together a great-looking game in your spare time, managed to get it in front of a publisher, and the publisher has shown some interest in putting it on the market. It s a fantastic opportunity, not to be missed, right Well, yes, it is a fantastic opportunity, and if you can do it without having to quit school, you should certainly try. But don t drop out in order to do it. You have to take the longer view, think ahead. You can t establish a game development company on the basis of one single game; you have to be able to crank out new ones year after year. What s going to happen after this game is done Are all your friends going to want to stick around and keep working with you Or are you, as is more likely, going to be out hunting for a job without a diploma It is possible to get a job in the game industry without having graduated from high school, but it will be a lot easier, and in the long run your career will be a lot more successful, if you have that sheepskin. It s a simple fact of life that the higher you go in a company, the tougher the competition is to get there. If you want to build the games that turn you on, then you need to be in a position of authority. The better-educated you are, the better the chances that people will take you seriously enough to give you that chance. There are always a few high-profile exceptions to these principles Abraham Lincoln only had one year of formal schooling but they were usually a matter of luck rather than choice, and you can t count on them working for you as well. Lay the proper foundations for your career by graduating from school.
As you can see, with a window size of 1, the flow control process is not very quick or efficient. Let s look at an example with a window size of 3, as illustrated at the bottom of Figure 2-2. With a window size of 3, the source can send three segments at once before waiting for an ACK. Once segments are sent (each with its own unique sequence number: 1, 2, and 3), the source must wait for an acknowledgment. In this instance, the destination sends an ACK back with the number 4 in it, indicating that the fourth segment is expected next. The source can then proceed to send segments 4, 5, and 6, and then wait for the destination s acknowledgment. In this case, having a larger window size is more efficient: only one acknowledgment is required for every three segments that are sent. Therefore, the larger the window size, the more efficient the transfer of information becomes. However, this is not always the case. For example, let s assume that one segment gets lost on its way to the destination, as is shown in Figure 2-3. In this example, the window size negotiated is 3. PC-A sends its first three segments, which are successfully received by PC-B. PC-B acknowledges the next segment it expects, which is 4. When PC-A receives this acknowledgment, it sends segments 4, 5, and 6. For some reason, segment 4 becomes lost and never reaches the destination, but segments 5 and 6 do arrive. Remember that the destination is keeping track of what was received: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. In this example, the destination sends back an ACK of 4, indicating that segment 4 is expected next.
External information refers to information that is generated separate from the BIM, such as a construction schedule, manufacturers specifications of products, etc. External information may be linked to the model or remain autonomous. It is possible to provide a reference to a catalog without creating a link to an electronic file. Since not all information will be available in a compatible format, it may necessary to keep it accessible in printed form, as an external reference. In all cases with information management it is critical that all users be able to discern whether they are accessing the latest (and only) version of the information. This is a huge challenge in the construction field where many individuals will generally be updating project information independently and concurrently. This clearly also applies to conventional construction project management. There is almost no area of project management whose improvement could provide such important benefits for the project. The Nature of the Link between Model and Information The information used in BIM will be of varying types, and the nature of the information will in many cases imply the nature of the link between the information and the 3D model. The specifics of the link will describe how information is processed. The transfer of information between the model and the estimating software designed by Vico for the Constructor suite is through a third file that both the model and the estimate files need to be linked to. Either file can then be updated and can transfer its information to the other through this third file; in this example information can flow in either direction.
If the switches are all off, then the corresponding House Code is J ; all on is used to specify House Code M.
currently have selected on your document page, click the Selected Only option.
SOLUTION Taking the Laplace transform of both sides and using (13.14), we obtain F(s) = 2 s +1 1 +1 F(s)
The LastExecutionDate function will return the last date a string data_provider_name was refreshed, or if no string data_provider_name is provided, this function will return the last date the query was refreshed.
Fig. 13.11 Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Generators and Receivers
Single-mode fiber Unshielded twisted-pair, shielded twisted-pair, multimode fiber, single-mode fiber, electrical Single-mode fiber Single-mode fiber
Charging a battery is the process of driving the leadacid chemical reaction backward through application of an external voltage. To fully charge a battery, we must convert 100% of the PbSO4 back to Pb and PbO2. On a boat, because charging requires running an engine, the usual goal is to recharge the battery as quickly as possible without damaging it. Damage can occur through excessive gassing, overcharging, and overheating.
The session layer deals with the commencement (logging in) and completion (logging out) of a session between applications. It establishes the type of dialog to be established, such as one way at a time or both ways at the same time. In the case of one way at a time, it keeps track of whose turn is next. The presentation level specifies the language to be used between applications. This includes the encoding to be used for the various pieces of information, such as whether certain pieces of information are coded as ASCII or binary. The application layer provides an interface to the user or at least to the user application. For example, file transfer programs and web browsers belong to the application layer.
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