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Fiber in the LAN
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and either the server is not reachable or you have miscon gured the IP address or lename, you ll get an error message on your CLI.
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Figure 3.5 illustrates the flow of light with respect to the critical angle. Note that the farther the beam is from the perpendicular when it strikes the juncture, the more strongly it is bent. We noted from Snell s law that n1 sin 01 n2 sin 02. Thus, we can use Snell s law to express the critical angle as follows: ncladding ncore
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Figure 2-1.
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site. There was a fair amount of discussion as to whether that was a wise thing to do and if people had Internet access, why would we need to put it on a CD-ROM for them. They could just click on a site on the Web. Ultimately that is the direction that we went in. In retrospect, do you feel it was a wise decision With CD-ROM, you have the advantage of instantaneous access. It was a selling point for what we called the Collector's Edition, that was offered for sale after the series ran. Some people ordered it just because it was available on CD-ROM and they didn't have to fool around with the Web to read the site. So, it was nice. Word of it has spread far and wide, we've heard from some military colleges that have included the CD-ROM as part of their course offerings. (I don't know the names of them offhand, but professors from various military schools have called up and purchased multiple copies so that they could show them to their classes.) We ran out recently and we had to reorder more CD-ROMs. We now have versions of Blackhawk Down as a video product, a book, an audio book, and the CD-ROM version. When the book came out, all of a sudden there was another surge of orders and many inquiries about the CD-ROM, so we decided to have more made. Was the PBS documentary release a one-hour special Yes, it was a one-hour documentary. There are pieces of that on the CD-ROM. I believe that we put them together using QuickTime. That was another issue that we ran into when producing the CD-ROM. We had to get various licensing and permissions. I kind of got a crash course in getting a license for QuickTime and we put a browser on the CD-ROM, too, just in case people were expecting it to open up as a CDROM production. For the QuickTime licensing, what was your experience with Apple It wasn't dif cult. It was a matter of tracking down the information on their site and then walking through the process and lling out some forms. And then submitting the forms to them. Apple then mailed something back to us to sign. I signed and returned it. It wasn't that dif cult.
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
a fragmented datagram, it is used to indicate whether a particular fragment is the last fragment. The fragment offset is a number describing where the fragment belongs in the overall datagram, thereby enabling the destination to put the different pieces together correctly. The Time to Live (TTL) is an indication of how long a datagram should exist in the network before being discarded. Although this field was originally meant to represent a number of seconds, it actually represents a number of hops. It is set by the originating node and is decremented by one at each subsequent node. If the datagram does not reach its destination by the time the TTL reaches zero, then the datagram is discarded. The Protocol field indicates the higher-layer protocol or application to which this datagram belongs. For example, at the destination node, the value of this field indicates whether this is a TCP or UDP datagram or something else. The protocol value for TCP is 6. The protocol value for UDP is 17. The source and destination IP addresses in IP version 4 are 32 bits (4 octets) long. An IP address is represented in dotted decimal notation as XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, with the maximum possible value being
The B-spline surface interpolation can also be expressed by matrix as
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