C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide in visual C#

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Build Your Own Combat Robot
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Figure 3.84 Another common-collector buffer circuit.
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10.5.1 Cell multiplexing
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// Demonstrate an anonymous method that returns a value. using System; // This delegate returns a value. delegate int CountIt(int end); class AnonMethDemo3 { static void Main() { int result; // Here, the ending value for the count // is passed to the anonymous method. // A summation of the count is returned. CountIt count = delegate (int end) { int sum = 0; for(int i=0; i <= end; i++) { Console.WriteLine(i); sum += i; } return sum; // return a value from an anonymous method }; result = count(3); Console.WriteLine("Summation of 3 is " + result); Console.WriteLine(); result = count(5); Console.WriteLine("Summation of 5 is " + result); } }
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Aside from the sizes and types of computers discussed in the previous section, computers may also be used for several reasons, including: Application server This is a computer usually a mainframe, midrange, or server that runs application-server software. An application server contains one or more application programs that run on behalf of users. Data used by an application server may be stored on a database server. Web server This is a server that runs a web server program to make web pages available to users. A web server will usually contain both the web server software and the content ( pages ) that are requested by and sent to users web browser programs. A web server can also be linked to an application server or database server to permit the display of business information, such as filling out order forms, viewing reports, and so on. Database server Also a mainframe, midrange, or small server, a database server runs specialized database management software that controls the storage and processing of large amounts of data that reside in one or more databases. File server This computer is used to provide a central location for the storage of commonly used files. File servers may be used by application servers or by a user community. Print server In an environment that uses shared printers, a print server is typically used to receive print requests from users or applications and store them temporarily until they are ready to be printed. Production server/test server The terms production server and test server denote whether a server supports actual business use (a production server)
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j S-video DIN-4 (Figure 7.4). This connector, also called Y/C, carries separate
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// num is evenly divisible. Thus, it is not prime. isprime = false; factor = i; } } if(isprime) Console.WriteLine(num + " is prime."); else Console.WriteLine("Largest factor of " + num + " is " + factor); } } }
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When you include a modern C++ header in your program, the contents of that header are contained in the std namespace. As mentioned, a namespace is simply a declarative region. The purpose of a namespace is to localize the names of identifiers to avoid name collisions. Elements declared in one namespace are separate from elements declared in another. Originally, the names of the C++ library functions, etc., were simply put into the global namespace (as they are in C). However, with the advent of the ANSI/ISO C++ standard and the modern-style headers, the contents of the headers are in the std namespace. We will look at namespaces in detail later in this book. For now, you won t need to worry about them because the statement
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Live Your Fullest Multisensory Life
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(c) 0 (d) 1 (e) 1 43. The area between the curves y = sin x and y = cos x over the interval [ /2, 9 /4] is (a) 5 2 1 (b) 4 2 1 (c) 2 5 (d) 5 2 + 1 (e) 2 + 1 44. If 3 f (x) dx = 2 and (a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 5 (d) 4 (e) 2 45. If (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)
Let S be the set of all people and T be the set of all people. Let f be the rule that assigns to each person his or her brother. Is f a function
Figure 6.6 Conformance Abstract Test Case (ATC) and an example of an ATM Cell layer test scenario.
Fourwinds II & III
For the ASP version:
if(v1.Range() > v2.Range()) Console.WriteLine("v1 has greater range");
Second, Assess the Learner s Level and Range of Self-Mastery, Then Use Level-Appropriate Coaching Approaches
Disasters have a wide variety of effects on an organization that are discussed in this section. Many disasters have direct effects, but sometimes it is the secondary effects of a disaster event that are most significant from the perspective of ongoing business operations. A risk analysis is a part of the BCP process (discussed in the next section in this chapter) that will identify the ways in which disasters are likely to affect a particular organization. It is during the risk analysis when the primary, secondary, and downstream effects of likely disaster scenarios need to be identified and considered. Whoever is performing this risk analysis will need to have a broad understanding of the ways in which a disaster will affect ongoing business operations. Similarly, those personnel who are developing contingency and recovery plans also need to be familiar with these effects so that those plans will adequately serve the organization s needs. Disasters, by our definition, interrupt business operations in some measurable way. An event that has the appearance of a disaster may occur, but if it doesn t affect a particular organization, then we would say that no disaster occurred, at least for that particular organization. It would be shortsighted to say that a disaster only affects operations. Rather, it is appropriate to understand the longer-term effects that a disaster has on the organization s image, brand, and reputation. The factors affecting image, brand, and reputation have as much to do with how the organization communicates to its customers, suppliers, and shareholders, as with how the organization actually handles a disaster in progress. Some of the ways that a disaster affects an organization s operations include Direct damage Events like earthquakes, floods, and fires directly damage an organization s buildings, equipment, or records. The damage may be severe enough that no salvageable items remain, or may be less severe, where some equipment and buildings may be salvageable or repairable. Utility outage Even if an organization s buildings and equipment are undamaged, a disaster may affect utilities such as power, natural gas, or water, which can incapacitate some or all business operations. Significant delays in refuse collection can result in unsanitary conditions. Transportation Similarly, a disaster may damage or render transportation systems such as roads, railroads, shipping, or air transport unusable for a period. Damaged transportation systems will interrupt supply lines and personnel. Services and supplier shortage Even if a disaster does not have a direct effect on an organization, if any of its critical suppliers feel the effects of a disaster, that can have an undesirable effect on business operations. For instance, a regional baker that cannot produce and ship bread to its corporate customers will soon result in sandwich shops without a critical resource. Staff availability A communitywide or regional disaster that affects businesses is likely to also affect homes and families. Depending upon the nature of a disaster, employees will place a higher priority on the safety and
When using SQL server as a data store, Presentation Server operations can cause the tempdb to grow larger than its default size. Although the tempdb database s Autogrow feature is set by default in SQL Server 7.0 and 2000, the automatic growth of the tempdb can result in performance degradation. Citrix recommends that you permanently set the tempdb to a reasonable size initially. The tempdb database is re-created every time SQL Server starts. By default, the tempdb has a data file of 8.0MB and log file of 0.5MB. By having the tempdb file set to the typical size when SQL Server is restarted (and when it is re-created from scratch to the size you set), you can eliminate the overhead from the tempdb growing. Citrix recommends the following regarding the usage of tempDB in a Presentation Farm: Permanently change the tempdb database file s initialization size. Set the tempdb data file size according to the size of your farm. Citrix recommends reserving 0.75MB to 1.25MB of space in a tempdb data file for each Presentation Server in the farm. For example, in a 100-server farm, Citrix recommends permanently setting the tempdb data file size from 75MB to 125MB and the tempdb log file size to half the data file size. You can accomplish this by using the Enterprise Manager or ALTER DATABSE MODIFY FILE command. Even after the SQL server restarts, the tempdb keeps the size you set. Set the auto growth increment of the tempdb in terms of file size, rather than percentage. For farm sizes less than 100 servers, set the increment to 50MB for the data file and 25MB for the log file. For a farm size larger than 100 servers, set the increment to 100MB for the data file and 50MB for the log file. If possible, put the tempdb on its own physical disk, preferably a RAID 0 Array or other disk subsystem. In SQL server 7.0, make sure the truncate log on checkpoint database option is set for the tempdb. When this database option is set, the tempdb log will be truncated each time the checkpoint process is run. To truncate the transaction log on SQL 2000, create a maintenance plan or follow the next recommendation. In SQL Server 2000, make sure the Recovery mode of the tempdb is set to simple. Under this Recovery mode, the tempdb log file automatically truncates when a SQL server check point event occurs. If the tempdb transaction log file grows too large before the checkpoint process occurs, you can issue a BACKUP LOG tempdb WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY to manually truncate the tempdb transaction log.
1. Enter all data onto a computer spreadsheet. 2. Highlight the two columns of numerical data. 3. Click the graph icon. 4. Select X-Y GRAPH. 5. Check gridlines. 6. Title the graph Heating Water. 7. Select OK 8. Go to EDIT
Think about the instances in your life when you have faced difficult times or dangerous and demanding situations the times when you rose to the occasion in a way you never thought you could, when all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, you seemed to have the power and strength to do the unimaginable. Many of us have experienced those moments in our lives. Take time here to reflect on and document those instances. Be specific about the fear you felt and what it took to overcome that fear, move forward, and take action, pulling from within you every ounce of courage available. My Most Courageous Moments Have Included the Following _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Next, describe the results of bringing forth your inner courage. Whose lives were affected What might have happened if you hadn t been there to take action _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
1. Full height Placing the footing below the existing grade requires wingwall heights of approximately 38 feet. It leads to an uneconomical design of wingwalls. 2. Medium height Desirable height is 25 feet, which includes frost depth over top of spread footing. Footing can be placed on compacted ll of embankment. A 2:1 slope of embankment will be maintained, and sloping face will be protected by concrete slab. Embankment grading of 2:1 will be required at the face of wingwalls. The height of the wingwall will conform to vertical curve. Since medium height walls are recommended, additional alternate of prefabricated modular wall construction will be investigated. Medium height wall of 20 feet is recommended.
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