13: Generics in C#.net

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Viewing Partial Configurations
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You have already seen Count( ) in action earlier in this chapter. Here is a program that demonstrates the others:
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Generic Functions
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mat opens many more doors for practical use in a corporate environment: QuickTime is a much more versatile tool. To see why QuickTime is so effective, let's look at speci c applications: Lecturer-support presentation modules. For presentations before a live audience, fullscreen display is not always necessary for video clips. For example, using 90% of full screen allows you to have a graphic border around the video being played back. This is a professional aesthetic touch which ties the video clip to adjacent allgraphic slides. The MPEG-2 codec does not allow you to choose such a size for your video, while QuickTime does. Figure 14 - 23 shows the use of a smaller size for video clips in a presentation on how to communicate with the news media. The Channel 10 logo is followed by a compilation of news clips. (Thanks to McLoughlin Multimedia Publishing for permission to use this screenshot.) Notice the drop shadow of the graphic wooden motif on the video clip. QuickTime has the capability to use alpha channels (masking channels) for compositing on-the- y in such programs as Macromedia's Director. This opens the door for such creative techniques as non-rectangular video clips. MPEG-2 has no such capability.
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Marquee-dragging is the easy way to pinpoint a location and zoom in.
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enjoy significant performance and productivity gains. Google Health is one recently launched application to use Google Web Toolkit.
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with x0 = a and xk = b as usual. We assume that this is a uniform partition, with xj xj 1 = x = (b a)/k for all j . Then an approximate average of f would be given by f (x1 ) + f (x2 ) + + f (xk ) . k It is convenient to write this expression as app = app = 1 b a
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Distributed Network Monitoring
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as advertising, but they are closely related fields. Advertising is specifically about people via the media; marketing includes a number of other activities as well.
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Figure 16-1. ICA data flow through the stack
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inductance of the via, nH length of the via, inches diameter of the via, inches
Visualforce As part of the Force.com platform, Visualforce gives customers the ability to
Chemistry: Matter and Change
electric eld. Metals such as copper or aluminum, which are good conductors, have very large values of , while a material like glass or wood will have a small value of . The inverse of conductivity is resistivity, which is denoted by the Greek symbol . Resistivity is the inverse of conductivity = So we could write (2.3) as E = J (2.4) 1
BW40 C40 BW80
Securing the System
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