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Although implementing IComparable for classes that you create is often the easiest way to allow objects of those classes to be sorted, you can approach the problem in a different way by using IComparer. To use IComparer, first create a class that implements IComparer, and then specify an object of that class when comparisons are required.
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As noted in the bullet lists in section 25.3.1, the basic measurements discussed here are level and frequency, noise, signal-to-noise, and envelope delay distortion (EDD).
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In this example, the constructor for MyClass is
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off like a bat out of Hades. I put the brakes on, and Live Wires skidded to a stop. Reverse worked just fine; then I raced it around the lot, and the robot even turned on a dime. It put on a great show for the cameras for the TLC crew. It took out the 55-gallon drum, gave Dave Owens a nice ride, and nimbly ran around the traffic cones that were laid out in a slalom coarse. Our creation couldn t have worked any better.
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13.01. The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of configuring and verifying VTP on a switch.
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matching bits (see Table 8-1 as an example).
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C# does not recognize the end of the line as the end of a statement only a semicolon terminates a statement. For this reason, it does not matter where on a line you put a statement. For example, to C#,
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Suppose that f (x) is a function on the interval [a, b]. Let us see how to calculate the length of the curve consisting of the graph of f over this interval (Fig. 8.28). We partition the interval: a = x0 x1 x2 xk 1 xk = b. Look at Fig. 8.29. Corresponding to each pair of points xj 1 , xj in the partition is a segment connecting two points on the curve; the segment has endpoints (xj 1 , f (xj 1 )) and (xj , f (xj )). The length j of this segment is given by the
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Coefficient of Performance (COP)
Variable demand Organizations may experience seasonal increases and decreases of demand for certain workers. Organizations often cannot justify hiring full-time employees for peak demand capacity, when at other times those workers will not have enough work to keep them busy and productive. Instead, organizations will usually staff for average demand and augment staff with contractors for peak demand. High turnover Some positions, such as IT helpdesk and call center, are inherently high-turnover positions that are costly to replace and train. Instead, an organization may opt to outsource some or all of the personnel in these positions. Focus on core activities An organization may wish to concentrate on hiring for positions related to its core purpose and to outsource functions that are considered overhead. For instance, an organization that produces computer hardware products may elect to outsource its IT computer support department so that it can focus on its product development and support. Financial A decision to outsource may be primarily financial. Usually an organization seeking to reduce costs of software development and other activities will outsource and off-shore these activities to service organizations located in other countries. An organization can outsource many of its functions, including these: IT helpdesk and support This is often a high-turnover function, as well as variable in demand, making this a good candidate for outsourcing. Software development An organization that lacks development and programming skills can elect to have contractors or consultants perform this work. Software maintenance An organization may wish to keep its developers and analysts focused on new software development projects and to leave maintenance of existing software to contractors. Customer support An organization may choose to outsource its telephone and online support to personnel or organizations in countries with lower labor costs. NOTE Although outsourcing decisions appear, on the surface, to be economically motivated, some of the other reasons stated earlier may be even more important in some organizations. For example, the flexibility afforded by outsourcing may help to make an organization more agile, which may improve quality or increase efficiency over longer periods. Outsourcing Benefits Organizations that are considering outsourcing need to carefully weigh the benefits and the costs in order to determine whether the effort to outsource will result in measurable improvement in their processing, service delivery,
for the gift wrap, as shown in Figure 24-6.
try { ShowPop(st); } catch (InvalidOperationException) { Console.WriteLine("Stack empty."); } } }
Installing the Planning Server
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VoIP and SS7
To decide which client best fits your needs, consider the way users access published resources, the way you want to manage this access, and the feature set your users will need. The following sections summarize these considerations.
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