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Synchronous Optical Networking, or SONET, is a class of telecommunications network transport technologies transmitted over fiber optic networks. It is a multiplexed network technology that can be used to transport voice and data communications at very high speeds over long distances. SONET networks are almost exclusively built and operated by telecommunications network providers, who sell voice and data connectivity services to businesses. Often, the endpoint equipment for SONET networks provides connectivity using a native technology such as MPLS, Ethernet, or T-1. Telecommunications service providers often encapsulate older services, such as DS0, DS-1, T-1, and Frame Relay, over SONET networks. The data rates available in SONET networks are shown in Table 5-2. Rates are expressed using the term Optical Carrier Level, abbreviated OC.
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The Invoke( ) method defined by Parallel lets you execute one or more methods by simply specifying them as arguments. If possible, it scales to utilize the available processors. Its simplest version is defined like this: public static void Invoke(params Action[ ] actions) The methods to be executed must be compatible with the Action delegate that was described earlier. Recall that Action is declared like this: public delegate void Action( ) Therefore, each method passed to Invoke( ) must have no parameters and must return void. Because actions is a params parameter, you can specify a variable-length argument list of methods to execute. You can also use an array of Action, but often the argument list is easier. Invoke( ) will initiate execution of all of the methods that it is passed. It will then wait until all of the methods have finished. Thus, there is no need (nor ability) to call Wait( ), for example. Invoke( ) handles all the details. Although there is no guarantee that the methods will execute in parallel, this is the expectation if the system supports more than one processor. Also, the order of execution, including which method starts or finishes first, cannot be specified, and may not be the same as the order as the argument list. The following program demonstrates Invoke( ). It runs two methods, called MyMeth( ) and MyMeth2( ), via a call to Invoke( ). Notice the simplicity of the process.
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10: Advanced video coding j Equivalent to ITU-T H.264: Advanced video coding for generic audiovisual services (2005-03)
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A document s Minimize, Maximize/ Restore, and Close buttons are not located in the drawing window frame when a drawing window is maximized in the application window. The Minimize, Maximize/ Restore, and Close buttons for the current drawing window are grayscale, smaller in size, and placed just below the Minimize, Maximize/ Restore, and Close buttons that belong to the application window. If you want to close a document window, but your attention is wandering a bit and you are running on autopilot, it s easy to make a mistake and click on the larger, more colorful Close button that belongs to the entire CorelDRAW application. So save your work often and try to remember that the big, red button is for the whole application and the smaller, gray one is for the document at hand.
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Structures and Unions
Windows 2003 Server, Service Pack 1 or 2 Windows 2003 Server, R2 Windows 2003 Server 64-bit Edition with Service Pack 1 or 2 Windows Vista Windows Vista, 64-bit Edition
The output is shown here:
C AUTION Always use a SQL aggregate on a measure unless it involves a unit price or something
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Remember that BSS mode has one AP and ESS multiple APs.
You Try It: Calculate the integral x3
WAN Cabling
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