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A Better Universe
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Following the direction are the inside and outside addresses that authentication should be performed for. If you want to authenticate all connections, use or 0 0 0 0 this will cause the appliance to use CTP for all of the applications that you specified for all connections. If you want to authenticate connections only to a specific web server, then list that web server as the internal address and everyone for the external address. Finally, you need to specify the group_tag value, which tells the appliance which security server should perform the authentication. NOTE The first address(es) in the aaa authentication include/exclude command represent devices off the higher-level interface, and the second address(es) represent devices off the lower-level interface. Your second option with the aaa authentication command is to use an ACL name with the match parameter to specify the traffic to be authenticated. When you do this, the ACL can only match on HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and telnet traffic. This option was introduced in FOS 5.2. ACL statements with permit parameters specify that the matching traffic must be authenticated; statements with deny parameters specify that the matching traffic is exempt from authentication. If you want to use HTTPS authentication for CTP, note that the preceding aaa authentication commands do not use SSL to encrypt the usernames and passwords the SSL function doesn t take place until the user authenticates successfully to the appliance/AAA server and the connection proceeds to the destination server. If you want to use SSL to protect the username and password sent from the user to the appliance, use the following command:
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Hold-down timers are used to keep the poisoned route in the routing table long enough so that the poisoned route has a chance to be propagated to all
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Create/Load Print Merge Fields
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Comparison of electric motor ver sus inter nal combustion engine characteristics.
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Passive Optical Networks (PONs)
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MultiRead Compatibility
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If you are still new to accounting, there is no need to be anxious about understanding these accounts. Remember the general description: assets are what you have, liabilities are what you owe, and shareholders equity is what you own. Let s look at the accounts one by one.
TCP and UDP support the two primary types of Internet-based communication: that which requires highly reliable and ordered message delivery, and that which has a high tolerance for lost messages. TCP and UDP are uniquely designed for these two scenarios. TCP TCP is a highly reliable messaging protocol that is used in situations where high-integrity messaging is required. The main characteristics of TCP-based network traffic are: Unique connections The TCP protocol utilizes what is known as a connection between two stations. It supports several concurrent connections between any two stations. Guaranteed message integrity The TCP protocol performs checks on the sent and received packets to ensure that the packet arrived at its destination fully intact. If the checksum indicates that the packet was altered in transit, the TCP protocol will handle retransmission. Guaranteed delivery The TCP protocol guarantees message delivery. This means that if an application sends a message to another application over an established TCP connection and the function sending the message receives a success code from the operating system, then the message was successfully delivered to the destination system. This is contrasted with the message delivery used by UDP that is discussed later in this section. Guaranteed delivery sequence Packets sent using the TCP protocol include sequence numbers so that the destination system can assemble arriving packets into the correct order. This guarantees that an application receiving packets from a sending application over TCP can be confident that packets are arriving in the same order in which they were sent. UDP UDP is a lightweight messaging protocol used in situations where speed and low overhead are more important than guaranteed delivery and delivery sequence. Unlike the connection-oriented TCP protocol, UDP is connectionless. This means that UDP does not need to set up a connection between sending and receiving systems before messages can be sent; instead, the sending system just sends its messages to the destination system. Like TCP, messages can be sent to a specific port number on a destination system. UDP does nothing to assure order of delivery. Hence, it is entirely possible that packets may arrive at the destination system out of order. In practice, this is a rarity, but the point is that UDP does not make any effort to reassemble packets into their original order upon arrival. Furthermore, not only does UDP not guarantee the sequence of delivery, but it also does not even guarantee that the destination system will receive a packet. In UDP, when an application sends a message to a target system, the success error code returned by
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