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Extracting row count information requires a full table scan against each table. It can be slow to generate this information for fact tables that contain millions of rows of data, as it does a SELECT COUNT(*) against the table. Therefore, when you turn on the option to display the row counts, Designer does not automatically fetch these numbers. To fetch the numbers, ensure that your mouse is not on any one table, and then select View | Number Of Rows In Table. Designer will ask you if you want to set or detect row counts for all tables. Click OK. Select Refresh row count for all tables, as shown here:
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Analog Measurement Instrumentation Analog Measurement Instrumentation 575
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Detection risk This is the risk that an IS auditor will overlook errors or exceptions during an audit. Detection risk should be a part of the IS auditor s risk assessment that is carried out at the beginning of an audit; this would help the auditor focus on those controls that require additional scrutiny (meaning higher sampling rates) and thereby improve the chances of detecting errors. Inherent risk This is the risk that there are material weaknesses in existing business processes and there are no compensating controls to aid in their detection or prevention. Inherent risks exist independent of the audit. Overall audit risk This is the summation of all of the residual risks discussed in this section. Sampling risk This is the risk that the sampling technique used will not detect transactions that are not in compliance with controls. Materiality In financial audits, materiality is established as a dollar amount threshold that is calculated in one of several possible ways, including a percentage of pretax income, a percentage of gross profit, a percentage of total assets, a percentage of total revenue, a percentage of equity, or blended methods using two or more of these. Then, when an auditor is examining transactions and controls during an audit, a finding can be classified as a material weakness if the dollar amount of the exceptions exceeds the materiality threshold. There is, however, some latitude (more in some cases and less in others) in the auditor s judgment as to whether a finding is material. In an IS audit, the controls being examined do not have dollar figures associated with them and deficiencies are not measured against materiality thresholds in the same way. Instead, materiality in an IS audit occurs when a control deficiency (or combination of related control deficiencies) makes it possible for serious errors, omissions, irregularities, or illegal acts to occur as a result of the deficiency(ies). Here more than in a financial audit, the judgment of the IS auditor is very important in determining if a finding is material.
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When photographing a racecar slowing for a curve, practice panning a few cars before taking the photo. You ll have to slow down the pan in order to keep the car, which is rapidly decreasing speed, in the viewfinder.
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Bandwidth of Server to Data Store Communication
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This does not change the arguments outside of NoChange( ).
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int wherex(void) int wherey(void)
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In this example, Gen takes two type arguments and both have a where clause. Pay special attention to its declaration:
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in shielded insulation to limit electromagnetic interference of signals.
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Estimated Cost $15 per LF $1,800 each $6,500 each $1,900 each $7,500 each $55 per LF $70 per LF $75 per CY $75 per CY $85 per CY $95 per CY $15 per LF $40 per LF $50 per LF $50 per LF $60 per LF
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Main thread starting. Task ID for tsk is 1 Task ID for tsk2 is 2 .MyTask() #1 starting MyTask() #2 starting .....In MyTask() #1, count is 0 In MyTask() #2, count is 0 .....In MyTask() #2, count is 1 In MyTask() #1, count is 1 .....In MyTask() #1, count is 2 In MyTask() #2, count is 2 .....In MyTask() #2, count is 3 In MyTask() #1, count is 3 .....In MyTask() #1, count is 4 In MyTask() #2, count is 4 ....In MyTask() #1, count is 5 In MyTask() #2, count is 5 .....In MyTask() #2, count is 6 .In MyTask() #1, count is 6 ....In MyTask() #2, count is 7 .In MyTask() #1, count is 7 ....In MyTask() #1, count is 8 In MyTask() #2, count is 8
To create a byte stream linked to a file, create a FileStream object. FileStream defines several constructors. Perhaps its most commonly used is the one shown here: FileStream(string lename, FileMode mode) Here, filename specifies the name of the file to open, which can include a full path specification. The mode parameter specifies how the file will be opened. It must be one of the values defined by the FileMode enumeration. These values are shown in Table 14-4. In general, this constructor opens a file for read/write access. The exception is when the file is opened using FileMode.Append. In this case, the file is write-only. If a failure occurs when attempting to open the file, an exception will be thrown. If the file cannot be opened because it does not exist, FileNotFoundException will be thrown. If the file cannot be opened because of some type of I/O error, IOException will be thrown. Other possible exceptions are ArgumentNullException (the filename is null), ArgumentException (the filename is invalid), ArgumentOutOfRangeException (the mode is invalid), SecurityException (user does not have access rights), PathTooLongException (the filename/ path is too long), NotSupportedException (the filename specifies an unsupported device), and DirectoryNotFoundException (specified directory is invalid).
BusinessObjects 6 Concept Supervisor Corporate documents Categories Resources such as universes, documents, stored procedures Command restrictions Object-level security (Private, Controlled, Restricted, Confidential, Public) BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Concept Central Management Console plus Designer Security settings Folders For cross-filing and searching but also security Objects Access levels and rights Granted by adding users to groups
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In this example, p can be used to access all elements of D_ob inherited from B_ob. However, elements specific to D_ob cannot be referenced with p. For a more concrete example, consider the following short program, which defines a base class called B_class and a derived class called D_class. This program uses a simple class hierarchy to store authors and titles.
When you have finished designing and testing your universe, you export it to the repository. Exporting it to the repository is necessary to make the universe accessible to Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence users.
var byHow = from how in travelTypes join trans in transports on how equals trans.How into lst select new { How = how, Tlist = lst };
Name Distributed Computing Resources Distributed Generic Information Retrieval (DiGIR) Distributed Search Engines Distributed Systems Google Code University Distributed Systems Laboratory at University of Chicago eyeOS Cloud Computing Operating System Force.com Cloud Computing for the Enterprise Ganglia Distributed Monitoring System for Clusters and Grids Google App Engine Run Your Web Apps on Google s Infrastructure Google Apps Software-As-a-Service for Business Email, and Information Sharing IBM Cloud Computing IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects IRIS: Infrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing Manjrasoft Innovative Cloud and Grid Computing Technologies Microsoft Cloud Computing Tools Mithral Client-Server Software Development Kit (CSSDK) MysterNetworks The Evolution of Peer-to-Peer Network World Fusion NeuroGrid P2P Search NSF Middleware Initiative NVIDIA Tesla Personal Supercomputer Open Cluster Group OpenP2P.com
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