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Function and Operator Overloading
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Table B.10 ISO 639 Language Codes (continued)
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R1 Packet P 1 Label R2 R3 Packet P No Label
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The following describes how to repair the connection for the Password Manager Service: Resolution 1.1: Add the Certificate to the Trusted Root Certificates This step is encountered when you are able to view the Password Manager Service page, but you are unable to proceed without first trusting the SSL certificate. If your CA is located within the same domain that uses the Password Manager Service, then you should automatically have trust established. To check that your root CA is trusted, you must open the certificates component of the Windows Management console (Run: mmc). Choose the certificates (Local Computer) snap-in and view Trusted Root Certificates. The root CA must be trusted on the Physical Store of each of the client machines (not the registry per user). Resolution 1.2: Fix the DNS Settings of the Password Manager Environment DNS settings can cause some machines to resolve differently within different places in an environment. DNS must be set up consistently throughout an environment. The DNS configuration is especially important regarding connections to the Password Manager Service. This is because of the SSL security involved with verifying the identity of the Password Manager Service machine. Resolution 1.3: Restart the XTE Service and COM+ Objects The Citrix XTE Service runs in the Services console in Windows. To shut down the XTE Service, go to Administrative Tools\Services (or Run: Services.msc) and look for Citrix XTE Server. Use the Services console GUI to restart the service. NOTE When changes are applied with the Service Configuration tool, the XTE Service and COM+ objects are restarted. If you go to the Properties page for the Citrix XTE Server, you see the user that was entered in the Service Configuration tool. CAUTION Do not manually change users here! Use the Service Configuration tool, because several directories are in the Password Manager Service machine where permissions are set for the XTE Service user account, in addition to the various other hidden configurations made by the Service Configuration tool.
Using the Property Bar options shown here, you can lock an extrusion s vanishing point, copy vanishing points from an existing extrusion, and share vanishing points between extruded objects.
11: Cisco IOS Software
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The h225 parameter specifies an idle timeout for the TCP signaling connection (by default this is 1 hour). The h323 parameter specifies an idle timeout for the H.245 and the media connections (by default this is 5 minutes).
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