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1.4 Transmission Lines
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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This program displays the following output:
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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standing of a client organization s environment. After testing, it is not uncommon for clients to ask the auditor how their systems compare to their peers systems. Auditors can be helpful when asked questions, but ought to be cautious in their responses. There are several potential pitfalls to avoid: Auditors should avoid making statements that go beyond their experience with the client and their personal areas of expertise. It would be problematic if a manager justifies a decision based on the fact that the auditor told me we should do it. An audit is usually not a consulting arrangement, and engagement letters are often not written with disclaimers used by business advisors. An auditor should exhibit prudence when performing assessments at clients that are business competitors. An auditor should be careful to not reveal details of a competitor s systems. Even without identifying the party, providing certain detailed information could be perceived as unethical. If a client believes an auditor is overly liberal regarding sharing business information, they may fear that the auditor will treat their sensitive information similarly. An auditor is in no way discouraged from providing advice to management, but must do so in accordance with an engagement s requirements and in accordance with ethical and professional standards.
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Figure 5.11 Alternate live load for maximum positive moment.
Networking Through the Internet Using System.Net
You will need to explicitly specify the type when the compiler cannot infer the type for the T parameter or if you want to override the type inference.
Signal strength The transmit signal strength of a Wi-Fi access point can be configured so that radio signals from the access point do not significantly exceed the service area. Often, signal strength of access points will be set to maximum, which provides persons outside the physical premises with a strong signal. Instead, transmit signal strength should be turned down so that as little signal as possible leaves the physical premises. This is a challenge in shared-space office buildings, however, and thus cannot be used as a Wi-Fi network s only security control. NOTE Because a Wi-Fi network utilizes radio signals, an untrusted outsider is able to intercept those signals, which could provide enough information for that outsider to penetrate the network. It is for this reason that all of the controls discussed in this section should be utilized in order to provide an effective defense-in-depth security protection.
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