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A counselor with a drinking problem It would be better to write:
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Choose Enhance | Adjust Color | Color Variations to open the Color Variations dialog box. The following illustration shows a picture with a couple of variation adjustments applied. On the left is the before image; on the right is a preview with adjustments applied.
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Yes Surround in single quotation marks != Yes Not supported
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In the Organizer workspace, select the images you want to send. Choose File | E-mail to open the Attach To E-mail dialog box, as shown below. Alternatively, you can click the icon that looks like a globe and envelope, and then choose E-mail.
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1996 DVD is Born, Barely
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Since IsOdd( ) is implemented explicitly, it is not exposed as a public member of MyClass. Instead, IsOdd( ) can be accessed only through an interface reference. This is why it is invoked through o (which is a reference variable of type IEven) in the implementation for IsEven( ). Here is an example in which two interfaces are implemented and both interfaces declare a method called Meth( ). Explicit implementation is used to eliminate the ambiguity inherent in this situation.
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In the previous example, you looked at a speed reduction of 10. With the double-speed reduction system, you have a lot of options for choosing gear diameters. The product of the first and second stages in the speed reducer must be 10. For example, you can choose the first gear reduction to be 4 and the second gear reduction to be 2.5. In this case, you can use the same 1.5-inch-diameter gear on the motor shaft, and then the second gear should be 6 inches in diameter. This is smaller than the 10-inch-diameter wheels used in this example. The third gear could be a 2-inch-diameter gear, which would mean that the last gear should be 2.5 times larger or 5 inches in diameter. These gear sizes are much more manageable than trying to do this entire gear reduction in one step.
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a static member is shared by all objects of the class. All static data is initialized to zero when the first object is created, if no other initialization is present. When you declare a static data member within a class, you are not defining it. Instead, you must provide a global definition for it elsewhere, outside the class. This is done by redeclaring the static variable, using the scope resolution operator to identify which class it belongs to. This causes storage to be allocated for the static variable. Here is an example that uses a static member. Examine the program and try to understand how it works.
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Contents of nums: 1 4 -1 5 -9 nums contains a negative value. First negative value is : -1
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To solve the type of problem just described, C++ allows you to create a copy constructor, which the compiler uses when one object is used to initialize another. When a copy constructor exists, the bitwise copy is bypassed. The general form of a copy constructor is classname (const classname &o) { // body of constructor } Here, o is a reference to the object on the right side of the initialization. It is permissible for a copy constructor to have additional parameters as long as they have default arguments defined for them. However, in all cases the first parameter must be a reference to the object doing the initializing. It is important to understand that C++ defines two distinct types of situations in which the value of one object is given to another. The first is assignment. The second is initialization, which can occur in three ways: I when one object explicitly initializes another, such as in a declaration I when a copy of an object is made to be passed to a function I when a temporary object is generated (most commonly, as a return value) The copy constructor applies only to initializations. For example, assuming a class called myclass, and that y is an object of type myclass, each of the following statements involves initialization.
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TABLE 1.5 Responsibilities of the Database Administrator
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