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11.1.6 Application of Innovative Repair and Retro t Methods
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Wire Color Code Marking
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The prototype for _getdcwd( ) is in <direct.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The _getdcwd( ) function obtains the path name of the current directory of the drive specified by drive, with A being 1, B being 2, and so on. (The default drive is specified as 0.) It copies the path name into the array pointed to by path. The size of path is specified by len. If path is null, then an array will be dynamically allocated. (In this case, the array must be freed manually using free( ).) The _getdcwd( ) function returns path. On failure, a null pointer is returned and errno contains either ENOMEM (insufficient memory) or ERANGE (path name exceeds array size).
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Building and maintaining a robot for competition is expensive. Many builders admit to spending tens of thousands of dollars in pursuit of their robot dreams, and that s in addition to the hundreds or even thousands of hours of personal time they invest as well. Indeed, Team Coolrobots Christian Carlberg finds that each robot requires him to learn a new skill. One robot was parts intensive, so I learned the value of using a CNC milling machine to spit out parts. Another robot had a lot of steel, so I learned to weld. Robots are so time and money intensive that you might want or need a little help. Following in the footsteps of sports like auto racing that meld technology, sheet metal, raw human skill, and intense competition, many robot builders have embraced sponsorships to help defray expenses. Sponsors come in two flavors: part sponsors contribute free or highly discounted gear to builders, while financial sponsors deliver direct financial support that allows builders to buy parts and equipment, as well as travel and pay for other incidental expenses. In return, sponsors get their name associated with the robot, which can be a valuable asset when it, or you, appears on television. If you re interested in getting your own sponsor, many veteran builders caution that it takes effort; a professional, business-like approach; and, in many cases, an established track record with a completed robot. Diesector builder Donald Hudson acknowledges that sponsorships are more difficult to land in today s competitive environment. It s certainly tougher to get sponsors nowadays. A few years ago maybe 40 percent of the robots would be shown on TV. Today, if you have a brand-new robot, the chances of getting on TV are kind of rare. Sponsors want their name to be seen, so it s like other racing it s a tough sell if you don t have any rankings yet. Christian Carlberg says, Team Coolrobots is one of the best-funded teams in the competition, but it didn t happen overnight. I first developed a reliable track record. Then I put together a package of our accomplishments and made a strong argument why Company Blank should fund us in exchange for advertising space. Then I searched out possible sponsors. It takes a lot of time to find someone interested, and then it takes a lot of time to convince the company that it would get a lot of exposure on TV. To begin with, you ll need to make contact with a company representative. When dealing with a smaller or local business, you may find yourself talking directly to the owner or CEO. At larger businesses, you ll probably talk to a marketing manager. In general, larger companies will be more receptive. Says Team Blendo s Jamie Hyneman, The larger the business the more likely they ll feel enticed by national TV coverage, and the more money they ll have.
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Before embarking on a study of cable characteristics, a few statements about transmission lines are in order. The reader is advised to review a reference work on microwave, antenna, or transmission-line theory and associated measurements if these concepts are new.[5,7,10] The following three statements are general truths about transmission lines: 1. Electrical energy (a network data packet, for instance) travels at the speed of light in a vacuum and at less than the speed of light in other media, such as copper wire. This speed can be computed and is referred to as a velocity of propagation, Vp. As an analogy, observe the effects of a pebble dropped into a quiet pool of water. The ripples produced propagate away from the pebble at some measurable velocity. 2. A cable that is not properly terminated (proper termination will be defined) is subject to returning reflections of the incident electrical energy. Again using the pebble and pool analogy, if you observe long enough you will see reflections returning from the edge of the pool. The amplitude and timing of these reflections are mathematically predictable. 3. Under certain conditions it is possible that the returning electrical reflections will be of the proper phase and amplitude to the incident energy to make the ripples appear stationary; this is called a standing wave condition. The audible tone produced by striking a tuning fork is a suitable analogy for a standing wave or resonance condition. We will now define the computed parameters, which will be followed by their respective equations. The quantity Z0 is known as characteristic impedance. Consider a long cable that is terminated at the far end in some impedance Z. If a signal (electrical energy) is applied at the near end, propagates through the cable to the far end, and is completely absorbed, then that cable is said to be terminated in its characteristic impedance Z = Z0. Also known is that the cable has the same value of characteristic impedance Z0. No energy will be reflected and there will be no standing waves. A cable terminated with its Z0 is said to be properly matched or loaded. A shorthand way of referring to the velocity of propagation of electrical energy as a factor or percentage of the speed of light is the propagation constant, or (gamma). A signal that propagates on a cable at 70 percent of the speed of light, c, is said to have a of 0.7. With the above as a premise, the fundamental equations for cable are as follows: R + jwL Z0 = = where: R = resistance L = inductance G = conductance C = capacitance.
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vice offered by digital lines. Now a service provider can offer any of the following rates as well as 64 kbps: 0.6, 2.4, 4.8, 7.2, 9.6, 14.4, 19.2, 24, 32, 48 and 56 kbps, depending on the subrate standard. Low-speed, widely distributed data networks, such as ATMs (automatic teller machine bank terminals) and EFTPOS (electronic fund transfer at point of sale), need little bandwidth to service each customer. For many such applications, 64 kbps bandwidth is too large. In the example shown in Figure 7.9, customers A and B share 64 kbps bandwidth with 9.6 kbps of data each. In turn, their 64 kbps signal becomes one timeslot of a 2 Mbps signal. In practice, up to five customers with data at 9.6 kbps would share one
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// Use Join() to produce a list of item names and status. var inStockList = items.Join(statusList, k1 => k1.ItemNumber, k2 => k2.ItemNumber, (k1, k2) => new Temp(k1.Name, k2.InStock) );
correlates best to experimental behavior. Apply Tresca and Von Mises principal strain and shear strain yield criteria for different types of steel. Tresca s maximum shear stress theory gives reasonable predictions and has a simpler mathematical form. St. Venant s and Beltrami s theories do not compare closely to experimental results and are of academic interest only.
Seasonality: Some sales cycles are very seasonal, peaking at different times of the year. If performance and pay periods align with these seasonal fluctuations, then sales management needs to assign seasonally adjusted quotas. Market uncertainty: Market uncertainty potential high growth or significant declines makes quota allocation more problematic. Two potential solutions exist: shorten the performance period or use rolling averages. If sales management does not have the market visibility to set realistic one-year quotas, then shortening the performance period for quotas can help. Instead of 12-month quotas, set 6-month quotas, or even quarterly quotas.Another method is to use a rolling-average quota calculated by taking the last 3 months of actual performance multiplied by an adjustment factor (plus or minus) to calculate the next performance period quota. Long sales cycles: Long sales cycles present another challenge for quota allocation.When the sales cycle is greater than 12 months, annual quotas become irrelevant. In such cases, it s best to move to an event-based incentive plan where payouts are tied to sales events such as contract signing and not quota performance. Periodic mega orders: Some sales models have a mix of predictable sales orders interspersed with unpredictable mega (large) orders. It s best not to place these mega orders into the quota; instead, provide a separate payout formula for these orders, correctly applying a regressive rate above a certain dollar volume.This separate schedule is further enhanced by requiring sales personnel to register major deals.Without preregistering a deal, the incentive compensation available for such orders is significantly lower.This policy supports the following rationale: If you had no knowledge of the order, then you did not have much influence on the purchase . . . ; therefore, your pay should be commensurate with your degree of influence . . . which shouldn t be much. New products: At the beginning of each fiscal year, product management may have a schedule of new product launches. Predicting with accuracy the launch of these new products affects the quota allocation process. If the launch dates are accurate and the sales
// Overload |. public static bool operator |(ThreeD op1, ThreeD op2) { if( ((op1.x != 0) || (op1.y != 0) || (op1.z != 0)) | ((op2.x != 0) || (op2.y != 0) || (op2.z != 0)) ) return true; else return false; } // Overload &. public static bool operator &(ThreeD op1, ThreeD op2) {
Bowen disease is ubiquitous in the elderly and not so elderly population. One of the major benefits of dermoscopy is patient reassurance. When one encounters a solitary pink lesion that could be amelanotic melanoma but classic vessels of Bowen disease are identified, it would be a nice gesture to pass that positive information to your patient.
required gain of the receiver, dB lowest acceptable signal output level of the receiver, dBm lowest expected RF signal level into the front end of the receiver, after the antenna, dBm.
Prior to hiring each employee, an organization should verify the facts that each candidate presents on her resume or curriculum vitae. The confirmation of these and other important facts is commonly known as a background check, and may consist of: Verification of the candidate s identity Confirmation of the candidate s right to work in the employer s locale Verification of previous employment Verification of education Verification of professional licenses and certifications Investigation into the candidate s criminal history Investigation into the candidate s financial history Drug test Irregularities in any of these areas may be a signal to the employer that further investigation is required if the employer is still intent on hiring the candidate. The organization discovering irregularities in a candidate s background may also rescind a pending offer of employment or decide not to make an offer.
AVCREC (BDAV DVD-R/-RW on recordable DVD) -RAM/+R/+RW Parts 1
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