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Working and Playing Together: The Smart Home Way
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Performance Map An advanced view in which one measure controls the size of rectangles while a second measure controls the shading. Perspective A scatter point chart, good for comparing two measures at a very detailed level. Grid A standard grid much like the Analytic Grid in PerformancePoint Server. Most users will start with either a grid or a chart, although all are valid options. Starting with a chart will present users with a Big Blue Bar, just as with the Analytic Chart. This is because by default, ProClarity will select a Time dimension, if one exists, and place it on the Columns. The first dimension in the list will be placed on the Rows, and the default measure will be placed in the background. Much like the
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The first column is the name of the parameter, and the second column is description. In this case, the IOS wants the word set:
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different error, traffic, and bandwidth profiles. Finally, the R&D designers use protocol analysis tools to execute extensive test suites of specific error and traffic scenarios to verify the performance of hardware and software implementations. Commissioning. When new network equipment is installed (a large ATM switch, for example), it goes through a commissioning stage. This involves verifying the operation of the switch in the actual network. The protocol analysis tools used for commissioning usually are the same as those used for research and development. The focus is on stress testing the new piece of equipment in a live situation and verifying that it interoperates with the rest of the network. In many network commissioning scenarios there is no existing network to use for testing the new equipment; the network is still in its infancy. Protocol analysis tools therefore are critical for simulating a typical network. Installation. When networks are installed, a new cabling infrastructure is put in place, modified, or extended. In addition, the switches, routers, bridges, repeaters, and other interconnect devices necessary to interconnect the network are installed. These devices are configured, the necessary software is installed, and finally the network is brought online. Protocol analysis tools are used to verify the proper operation of the
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Developing Applications Using the IDE
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Cloud Computing Basics
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When maximizing an application running in seamless mode, the application will no longer maximize to the top left-most monitor. Instead, the application will behave as if the application is running locally. In previous versions, when roaming from a multiple-monitor machine to a single monitor machine, upon reconnecting the session, applications might be opened offscreen, representing portions of the desktop that were present on the multiple monitor machine but not present on the single monitor machine. These applications will no longer be created offscreen on reconnect and, instead, they will be moved onscreen. Application menus will no longer be drawn on the top left-most monitor. They will be drawn in the correct location.
circuit - switched network
Verance Copy $0.04 per disc Management Systems (audio watermark) format and patents Watermark detector $10,000 to $300,000 per year depending on unit volume $50 per watermarked track
The second #pragma option is checksum. It is used to generate checksums for ASP.NET projects. It has this general form. #pragma checksum lename {GUID} check-sum Here, filename is the name of the file, GUID is the globally unique identifier associated with filename, and check-sum is a hexadecimal number that contains the checksum. This string must contain an even number of digits.
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