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// Ambiguity can result when overloading methods that // use type parameters. // // This program will not compile. using System; // A generic class that contains a potentially ambiguous // overload of the Set() method. class Gen<T, V> { T ob1; V ob2; // ... // In some cases, these two methods // will not differ in their parameter types. public void Set(T o) { ob1 = o; } public void Set(V o) { ob2 = o; } } class AmbiguityDemo { static void Main() { Gen<int, double> ok = new Gen<int, double>();
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Since GenException( ) is called from within a try block, the exception that it generates (and does not catch) is caught by the catch in Main( ). Understand, however, that if GenException( ) had caught the exception, it never would have been passed back to Main( ).
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In some cases, where the signal strength on existing channels to be blocked is too high, two filters connected in a series may be necessary to completely block the signal.
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As I mentioned earlier, because the appliance is a stateful firewall, it will not allow any traffic into your network if the source of the traffic is located on the outside of your network (inbound connections). You will have to explicitly permit this traffic to allow the UDP connection. Since UDP is connectionless, dealing with incoming connections opens you to more of a security risk. When a UDP connection is terminated, the appliance might not know this and thus would keep the connection in the connection table. A sophisticated attacker could exploit an IP spoofing attack, which uses a source address of the outside device of the original UDP connection. The appliance would be unable to identify the intrusion and would then reset its idle timer and allow the spoofed traffic through. Also, because UDP doesn t use any type of connection setup when initiating a traffic stream, the appliances have problems differentiating between the start, continuation, and ending of a UDP connection. Therefore, an attacker could be performing a session replay attack, which replays some of the same UDP segments that the hacker saw in an earlier transmission. From the perspective of the appliance, this could appear to be the continuation of the original UDP data stream.
Fig. 5.23 ABYC Method for Sizing Cathodic Protection
the stiffness of the spring, the calculations are repeated to de ne a curve called a response spectrum. We can calculate these curves over a range of damping ratios to obtain a set of curves, each applicable for a different damping ratio. The normalized displacement, velocity, and acceleration DRSs are de ned, respectively, as SND = SNV xm ym w n xm = ym
Part I:
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Part I:
Consider the following situation. A thread called T is executing inside a lock block and needs access to a resource, called R, that is temporarily unavailable. What should T do If T enters some form of polling loop that waits for R, then T ties up the object, blocking other threads access to it. This is a less than optimal solution because it partially defeats the advantages of programming for a multithreaded environment. A better solution is to have T temporarily relinquish control of the object, allowing another thread to run. When R becomes available, T can be notified and resume execution. Such an approach relies upon some form of interthread communication in which one thread can notify another that it is blocked and be notified when it can resume execution. C# supports interthread communication with the Wait( ), Pulse( ), and PulseAll( ) methods. The Wait( ), Pulse( ), and PulseAll( ) methods are defined by the Monitor class. These methods can be called only from within a locked block of code. Here is how they are used. When a thread is temporarily blocked from running, it calls Wait( ). This causes the thread to go to sleep and the lock for that object to be released, allowing another thread to use the object. At a later point, the sleeping thread is awakened when some other thread enters the same lock and calls Pulse( ) or PulseAll( ). A call to Pulse( ) resumes the first thread in the queue of threads waiting for the lock. A call to PulseAll( ) signals the release of the lock to all waiting threads. Here are two commonly used forms of Wait( ): public static bool Wait(object waitOb) public static bool Wait(object waitOb, int milliseconds) The first form waits until notified. The second form waits until notified or until the specified period of milliseconds has expired. For both, waitOb specifies the object upon which to wait.
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