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In the next example, the initialization portion is also moved out of the for:
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Here are the general forms for Pulse( ) and PulseAll( ): public static void Pulse(object waitOb) public static void PulseAll(object waitOb) Here, waitOb is the object being released. A SynchronizationLockException will be thrown if Wait( ), Pulse( ), or PulseAll( ) is called from code that is not within synchronized code, such as a lock block.
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Developing Data Models for Business Databases
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For maximum security, install Presentation Server only on NTFS-formatted disk partitions. Installing on NTFS partitions ensures that the local Access databases are secured, because the folder %Program Files%\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture is marked so only SYSTEM and the local Administrators group have Full Control. Do not change these access control lists (ACLs).
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Tunnel groups for IPSec remote access were introduced in 17, where I discussed setting up an appliance as an Easy VPN server. Tunnel groups are used to more easily assign policies and attributes to a common group of users or L2L connections. As with IPSec remote access, Cisco supports a tunnel group for WebVPN users. To create a WebVPN tunnel group, use the following command:
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It also includes add, remove, and modify commands that you use when you import the edited template into Password Manager. To generate a credential provisioning template, perform the following tasks: 1. Click Start | Programs | Citrix | Management Consoles | Access Management Console.
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Jewel cases provide suf cient room for a booklet, the front and back cover of which displays the artwork printed on the booklet or other insert. The booklet size is about 4 inches square, consisting of a single sheet or multi-paged layout with a maximum of about 30 pages. Booklets are typically bound with a staple passing through the spine. Whenever you re including artwork with a project, it pays to ensure that the recipient is properly equipped to read and process the les you submit. If you are using a Macintosh page layout program, and the replication facility only uses Windows NT computers, you may have to convert the artwork before turning it over. Versions can also be an issue. If you ve produced artwork in Adobe Illustrator version 8.0, the replicator may not be able to read the le if they are running version 6.0. On the other hand, a properly generated Adobe Acrobat le can be structured to contain all the necessary information for printing and this may be the best cross-platform solution. Sometimes facilities like to perform nal tweaks on the graphics les before producing printing plates if so, you will need to use a format other than Acrobat for submission. Four-color printing is available for optical discs, but is a less common approach. For more details about the printing requirements for various kinds of projects, refer to Expert s View: Preparing Artwork for CDs on page
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Electric vehicles also dominated the commercial delivery fleets in urban areas around the world. Department stores, express delivery companies, post offices, utility, and taxicab companies in New York, Chicago, London, Paris, and Berlin used thousands of EVs. High reliability (99 percent of the 300-day work year availability) and low maintenance characterized commercial EVs and made them fleet favorites. In the EV s performance department, typical 2,500-lb. cars went 20 to 30 mph, and got 50 to 60 miles on a battery charge. Half-ton trucks went 10 to 15 mph and had a 40 to 50 mile range. Ten-ton trucks went 5 to 10 mph and had a 30 to 40 mile range. An electric vehicle set the first land speed record. Camille Jenatzy s Jamais Contente (a streamlined vehicle powered by two 12-hp electric motors riding on narrow 25-inch diameter tires) went 66 mph in April, 1899 a record that stood for three years until broken by the Baker Electric Torpedo in 1902 at 78 mph, and later by the Torpedo Kid in 1904 at 104 mph. In 1900, the French B.G.S. Company s electric car set the world s electric distance record of 180 miles per charge. A 1915 version of Clara Ford s car, a Detroit Electric powered by a 5.5-hp DC motor driven at 72 volts, when retested 60 years later (with new batteries) by Machine Design Magazine, still delivered 25 mph and an 80-mile range. It was still recommended by the magazine as a best buy, proving the point that we can routinely expect long lifetimes out of electrical machinery. While electric automobiles were a common sight until the mid-1910s, and commercial and industrial EVs have enjoyed continued growth and success on up through today, cheap oil combined with the nonelectrification of rural
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So for frequencies below the cutoff, the transmission is perfect, as if the lter was described by a transfer function given by a unit step with cutoff at c . A Butterworth lter of order 1 has a transfer function given by H (s) = Since |H ( j )| = 1 1 + 2 1 s+1
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