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// Use a static constructor. using System; class Cons { public static int alpha; public int beta; // A static constructor. static Cons() { alpha = 99; Console.WriteLine("Inside static constructor."); } // An instance constructor. public Cons() { beta = 100; Console.WriteLine("Inside instance constructor."); } } class ConsDemo { static void Main() { Cons ob = new Cons(); Console.WriteLine("Cons.alpha: " + Cons.alpha); Console.WriteLine("ob.beta: " + ob.beta); } }
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These last two problems are illustrative of problems where the formulas are given to you. In most of these types of problems, differentiating the formula is the challenge.
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The ICAMark test has different user profiles that determine which applications are launched and what actions are performed in the applications. All tests are verified not to be bound by disk or network resources. Light User The light user is considered a data entry worker; these users employ the basic functionality within a single application. The light user works at a slower pace with occasional pauses. This test is indicative of environments where applications or kernel memory tend to be the limiting factor on single server scalability. The Light User script opens Microsoft Excel and simulates the input of data in a spreadsheet. The simulated users in this test are constantly typing in Microsoft Excel 2003 at around 20 words per minute. The ICAMark score is calculated by comparing a calibration value of the script run time with the time gathered during the iteration. The calibration value was determined by running the scripts as one user. Each script was run locally and the data was recorded. Heavy User The heavy user is a user that utilizes the many functions available for applications he or she launches. These users consistently work at an accelerated pace moving from one application to the next. The Heavy User test is indicative of environments where CPU tends to be the bottleneck in single server scalability. In the Heavy User test, after the first 10 users are logged on, ICAMark launches simulated user scripts on all 10 sessions. Each script opens Microsoft Excel and creates a spreadsheet with formulas and graphs. The script then simulates the creation of an Access database, including a table, query, and form, with data manipulation. When the Access phase is complete, a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is created of six slides, including spell checking, font changes, slide copies, and deletions. The simulated users are constantly typing in these applications at an average of 40 words per minute and can be considered more rigorous than normal users.
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EXERCISE 35: Select Words with FURY As you review both your draft and Brad s, think about what vocabulary is most familiar to people who aren t risk management experts. Also, consider whether you and Brad are using unique words or concepts that could be more simply stated. Revise the drafts with the principle of FURY in mind. Did you nd that you replaced many words Read Brad s revision followed by his comments.
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At first glance, the formula in row 21 looks just plain wrong. Look at B21 closely again. It is the sum of the row above it (B20) and itself (B21). How does this work Reminder: We should still be using Excel with the Iteration setting turned on, as before.
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Here is a portion of the program s output:
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Here is the variation if you want to say: Show A10 only if it is less than zero, but show it as a positive number: =IF(A10<0,-A10,0) Note the minus sign in front of A10 =-MIN(A10,0) Note the minus sign in front of the MIN or an alternative using MAX =MAX(-A10,0) Note the minus sign in front of A10
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// Here is another part of the Counter namespace. namespace Counter { // A simple count-up counter. class CountUp { int val; int target; public int Target { get{ return target; } } public CountUp(int n) { target = n; val = 0; } public void Reset(int n) { target = n; val = 0; } public int Count() { if(val < target) return val++; else return target; } } }
26 years
Immediately after delivery: near the umbilicus After 24 hours below the umbilicus 1 week near the symphysis pubis 2 weeks in the pelvis 6 8 weeks it has assumed its nonpregnant size
Busy tones Special information tones (SIT) No answer (RNA) Connection Ringing No ringing Dial tones Fax tones Modem tones
Service 1.0 1.0 N/A 1.0
To see how a multilevel hierarchy can be useful, consider the following program. In it, the derived class Triangle is used as a base class to create the derived class called ColorTriangle. ColorTriangle inherits all of the traits of Triangle and TwoDShape and adds a field called color, which holds the color of the triangle.
you can see the interfaces and the contexts they are associated with, the total connections across all the contexts or the connections per context, and the CPU and memory usage. Clicking the Configuration button when in the system area allows you to set up the interfaces, contexts, and system resources under the Context Management tab, seen in Figure 27-39. TIP When in multiple-context mode, go to File | Save All Running Configurations To Flash to save the system area and all other context configurations to flash memory.
Another and more formal definition of the natural logarithm relates the lnx to portions of the area under the curve y = l/t . The natural logarithm of any number x is deflnedby l n x =
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