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Database definition
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// Demonstrate a SortedList<TK, TV>. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; class GenSLDemo { static void Main() { // Create a sorted SortedList for // employee names and salary. SortedList<string, double> sl = new SortedList<string, double>();
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Console I/O
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loops the received data stream back to the test set for comparison with what was sent.
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There are also versions of the Concat( ) method that take object references, rather than string references. These obtain the string representation of the objects with which they are called and return a string containing the concatenation of those strings. (The string representations are obtained by calling ToString( ) on the objects.) These versions of Concat( ) are shown here: public static string Concat(object arg0) public static string Concat(object arg0, object arg1) public static string Concat(object agr0, object arg1, object arg2) public static string Concat(object arg0, object arg1, object arg2, object arg3) public static string Concat(params object[ ] args) The first method simply returns the string equivalent of arg0. The other methods return a string that contains the concatenation of their arguments. The object forms of Concat( ) are very convenient because they let you avoid having to manually obtain string representations prior to concatenation. To see how useful these methods can be, consider the following program:
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extern alias Asm1; extern alias Asm2;
You can restrict the maximum size of an object that can be downloaded with the downloadmax-size command; this can be used to ensure that large files, like movies or similar
in the actual query. When using Matches Pattern in a query filter, the wildcard character is %; for example, N% finds all names beginning with N. In the following example, the data source contains a long list of customer cities. In order to work with a manageable list of cities, you must first select a country in which the customer resides. The precise appearance of the prompt dialog depends entirely on how your universe designer built the list of values. If the designer did not cascade the list and set the Hierarchical Display option (see 10), the prompt dialog and which question to answer first is confusing at best. The following screen shows a correctly designed list of values. The last prompt value the query author used was city of Leeds. The + sign next to each country name
A typical project requires dozens, if not hundreds, of assets from a variety of sources. A complicated project may require thousands (see Table 12.5). Each asset must be properly prepared before it can be fed into the BD authoring process. The following sections cover the details for preparing each type of asset.
Too Much Interactivity
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