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With the exception of indexes, all information in the data store is in binary format. No meaningful queries can be executed directly against the data store. Neither Citrix administrators nor users should directly query or change information in the data store. Use only IMA-based tools, such as the Presentation Server Console, to access the information in the data store. CAUTION Never directly edit any data in the data store database with IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle tools. Directly editing the data with one of these tools corrupts the farm database and causes the farm to become unstable or completely unusable.
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Restricting physical access to the router via physical measures, such as locked doors, key cards, video cameras, and so on Ensuring that equipment is protected from power surges/spikes, brownouts, and loss of power
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Managing Tokens, Certificates, and Biometrics
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Phase shift (degrees)
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#include <iostream> using namespace std; class road_vehicle { int wheels; int passengers; public: void set_wheels(int num); int get_wheels(); void set_pass(int num); int get_pass(); }; // Extend road_vehicle for trucks. class truck : public road_vehicle { int cargo; public: void set_cargo(int size); int get_cargo();
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The name that you give your appliance only has local significance. The only visible effect of executing this command is that your prompt will include the new name, like this:
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FIGURE 18-6 Use the CMC to create an event based on a successful query refresh.
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The dream of a radio that can economically change from one type of wireless device to another, from one modulation and band to another, and from one bandwidth and frequency to another by simply re-programming is the promise of software radio. A complete software radio has yet to be designed for the mass market but the digital back end is beginning to reach closer and closer to the RF front end of the receiver. There are basically three types of software radios: software-defined radio, which changes a restricted number of distinct hardware functions by software (this is already a reality in some dual-mode handset radios and base stations); software radio, in which some of the analog circuitry is replaced by software, while the rest of the analog circuits are reconfigurable by software (this is expected to become more common by the year 2004); and ideal software radio, in which a limited amount of front-end analog circuitry is fixed and untunable,
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Observations Stratification can provide the right type of payouts, but defending the lower rates for higher positions will require continual explanation.
Operator Overloading
Figure 7-30 Display from an optical-spectrum analyzer
Do-It-Yourself Pr ojects
The RAW image format is available on many high-end digital cameras. When you capture images in RAW format, you capture the digital data initially recorded
int findfirst(const char *fname, struct ffblk *ptr, int attrib) int findnext(struct ffblk *ptr)
Strings and Formatting
Look to the effective rates of interest income that the company has been paying in the historical years. You can get this information simply by looking at interest income divided by the average of the beginning and ending total interest-yielding assets. The average is used to capture the changes that have happened over the year. This may not
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