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Each of these solutions is usually deployed in different parts of the network, based on their technical and economic feasibility. Some, such as copper and WiMax are typically used only in the access portion of the network between the customer premise and Service Provider s Point Of Presence (POP) whereas others such as SONET and WDM are often used in the Service Provider s MANs and WANs (these can also be employed in the access MAN as well and in fact are when the economics work out). Figure 16.2 also identifies the portion of the Service Provider network where each of the solutions is usually deployed.
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Take a graphic you want to share with guests to your ConceptShare workspace by clicking Publish Page. Then click Launch to load the workspace in your web browser.
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10.2.10 Repair Methods for Reinforced Concrete
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Site-to-Site VPN
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In a classroom setting, students are constantly comparing grades, teachers, classes, class requirements, and homework assignments. Teachers also have a habit of comparing their students. The following list will give you the vocabulary you need to make classroom comparisons.
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The current owing in the second resistor is i 2 (t) = R1 i s (t) = R1 + R2 10 50 cos 200t = 16.7 cos 200t A 10 + 20
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Once the le structure has been veri ed and tested, the last step is to create ( burn ) a DVD-RAM disc. This disc can be a one-off, or can be passed to a replication plant for making multiple copies. Figure 14 - 22 shows the LaCie DVD-RAM burner.
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Grounding must be done in accordance with the national electric code, ANSI/NFPA 70, which deals with transformer installation.
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You Try It: Calculate (d/dx) ln[Cos 1 x] and (d/dx) exp[Sin 1 x].
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